Why We Flat-Out Refuse To Compromise Our Quality

Other Roofers Compromise On Materials And
Cut Corners To Reduce Costs – We Don’t

Instead, We Use The Correct Products The
First Time And NEVER Skip Steps

With more and more Lancaster County roofing companies popping up, it’s become highly competitive. In essence, there’s a race to the bottom, with every contractor trying to undercut the competition.

This leaves honest roofers with two options:

  1. Play Along – They can also skimp on materials and pay their workers unfair wages to lower their cost per roof.
  2. Put Quality First – Although they might not win pricing battles, they offer a roof that has the best VALUE, not the “lowest quote.”

We choose the latter every day – we put quality first. We use the best materials from the top industry brands, and then we pay highly qualified installers incredibly well to install your roof.

All the while, we keep our prices as low as possible and ensure your long-term value is as good as it gets.

We Use The Correct Products The First Time

The end goal for many roofers is to achieve the lowest possible cost per roof. They’re in a volume business – NOT a quality business.

This means many roofers want to do as many projects as they can, and they’re fine with producing just enough quality that you can’t tell what corners they cut.

For instance, they may use the right type of shingles, but they compromise on the roof components.

The gutter guards may be of lower quality. The ventilation materials may be of lower quality. And so on.

At BEST Contracting, we flat-out refuse to compromise. We don’t skip steps, and we use the best materials money can buy the FIRST time.

Watch Out For The “Too Good To Be True” Lowball Quote

Most roofers try to undercut the competition and offer eye-popping bottom-line prices.

The only problem? They have to compromise to maintain profit margins – and they do.

More than that, the roofing service estimates aren’t detailed; they don’t include the entire scope of work that is necessary for your roof replacement.

As a result, you may experience change orders after the project begins for “unforeseen issues.”

Even worse, their shoddy workmanship may void your warranty and make insurance claims more of a challenge.

In the end, the lowball, too-good-to-be-true quote is just that – not true and not accurate.

Our quotes are accurate and highly competitive. We keep the price as low as we can without compromising the materials we use or the skill of our crew.

We’d Rather Not Do A Job Than Compromise
Our Quality Craftsmanship

If you want your roof to look great, last for decades, and the warranty to remain intact, then you need a full roof replacement. This includes the shingles, underlayment, gutter guards, ventilation… the whole shebang.

Because here’s the fact – simply replacing the shingles is a recipe for disaster. Your roof becomes vulnerable to the slightest of storms, and if it isn’t installed “by the book,” you may not be covered by your insurance provider or manufacturer warranty.

For these reasons, we’ll walk away from a job before we perform shoddy workmanship.

With that said, if you want a hard-working roofing crew that pays attention to every little detail, then we’re the right choice for you. Sure, it may cost a little more, but your roof is fully protected, and your overall, long-term VALUE will be much greater.

The “Other Guys” May Cut Corners, But We Won’t – Ever

What is a contractor placing on your roof that you can’t see? Would you notice if they used low-quality materials and cut corners with installation steps?

For instance, what if they used two or three nails on each shingle rather than the four to six they should use?

Pipe collars, ridge vents, ventilation, water shields – you name it, and there’s a roofer out there that likely skips it.

You likely wouldn’t notice, and they know that. You’re not going to climb on your roof and double-check their work, nor should you have to.

The best (and only) way to combat this issue is to hire a roofer you can trust. One that has the top certification in the industry (i.e., GAF Master Elite) and a proven track record for doing things the RIGHT way the first time. And one that offers a warranty you can trust.

That’s BEST Contracting.

At BEST Contracting we don’t cut corners or compromise on materials – ever. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection in Lancaster County, PA and the surrounding areas.

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