Big-Company Capabilities, Small-Company Care

Turn To The Remodeler With Big Company
Resources And Small Company Care

With Best Contracting You Get A Roofing
Experience That Is “Just Right.

Mom-and-pop exterior remodeling companies in Southeastern PA have their charm, but they’re usually lacking in resources and capabilities. And big companies may have resources, but they’re not exactly personal. That’s why we set out to be the best of both worlds for Lancaster County homeowners in need of a happy medium.

With Best Contracting you get an exterior remodeling experience that is hands-on and personal, while also being streamlined, efficient, and utterly methodical.

Here’s why finding a Southeastern PA contractor with big company resources and small company service makes SUCH a big difference.

A Unified Team Handles Your Project From Start To Finish

One of the downsides that come with both large firms and small-time contractors is the disconnect between the design and sales team and the installation team.

With small contractors, you won’t get much in the way of design services, and if you do, you’ll have to go elsewhere for them. This means a lot can get lost in translation, and your project might not look the same or COST the same as you thought.

Big companies come with their own problems…. With big firms, they’re usually SO large and impersonal that the office team and installation team are completely separate entities. They are part of the same company, but they might as well be on different planets, when it comes to how they cooperate and communicate.

Best Contracting is RIGHT in the middle. Our sales and design team are EXPERTS, and they work closely with our meticulous installation team to make sure your project turns out EXACTLY how you wanted it to. Your project is a UNIFIED effort from start to finish.

Our Design Team And 3D Rendering Software Are Top-Notch

We do something most roofers and siding installers in Lancaster County don’t do. We show you an accurate 3D image of your siding or roofing options, so you can get an idea of what they might look like on your home.

This advanced 3D rendering software allows you to visually “try out” various different materials, styles, and colors, before you land on the one that really wows you.

Once you’ve chosen, our installation team gets to work turning the design into reality. It’s a level of design-specificity you’d be hard pressed to get from ANY other Lancaster County roofing and siding contractor.

Strict Standards And Done-Right-The-First-Time Installation

We have STRICT standards here at Best Contracting. In fact, we choose to install only the Best-Of-The-Best Products available on the Lancaster County homes we work on. We work with tried-and-true manufacturers, like GAF, CertainTeed, and James Hardie and install their products with true precision.

Why are we so serious about our products and installation standards?

Because we’re committed to doing right by our customers. Customer advocacy is one of Our Long-Standing Core Values, and it’s why we’re in business in the first place.

While any-sized roofing company can CLAIM to have these standards, one that’s established and has a more than 15 year history of providing only the best products and installations can back it up.

With a big firm, you don’t get the personal touch, and with the small fry that just sprang up, you may not get the standards and quality you deserve.

We’re proud to be the “just right” roofing and siding contractor Lancaster County homeowners can count on for quality AND kindness.

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