Our Roofing Process

Our Roofing Process: Accommodating & Efficient Like A Souped-Up 5-Star Southeastern PA Machine

Personable. Practiced. Polished. And Proven After Decades Of Distinct Service.

If you’re like the vast majority of our residential and commercial customers here in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area of the country (we’re based in Lancaster), when you contact us about roof replacement…it’s going to be your first time going through this kind of project.

And you may be slightly anxious and nervous about the financial aspects and the process.

The good news is that we’re HAPPY to hold your hand – if needed – and walk you through each step so you’re in the loop, informed, and CONFIDENT about the choices you make. You can learn all about it below, or if you’d prefer, you can reach out and get everything started. We’ll answer all your initial questions and concerns over the phone.

A Proper Roofing Process Is About More Than Results

Roof Repairs And Replacement At Its BEST

A Professional, Detailed & Free Inspection

A Professional, Detailed & Free Inspection

Count on our roof inspection, to be honest, transparent, backed by cold-hard facts, and detailed. In other words, accurate! This helps every step of the process.

  • The goal is to give you a clear idea of the state of your roof.
  • We don’t “sell” anything, but match you with top-tier solutions.
  • Professional findings backed by visual, verifiable evidence.
An Informative, Guided Consultation

An Informative, Guided Consultation

Folks love our friendly-professional approach, where we’re focused on helping, informing, guiding, and empowering you to get the most value at the best possible price.

  • Our reputation in the Southeastern PA region speaks volumes.
  • All roofing with Best’s name on it is fully covered and guaranteed.
  • We’ll gladly help with colors, accessories, options, and more.
Claim, Cash, Or Financing

Claim, Cash, Or Financing

After decades in the business, we make getting the financials in order refreshingly easy, whether you’re filing a storm damage claim, paying in cash for your project, or using one of our versatile financing options.

  • Prudent, proactive, and crystal-clear communication is key to us.
  • We’re trained and experienced in working with your insurance provider.
  • Our financing options are consumer-friendly and easy to apply for.
Post Formalities Your Project Begins

Post Formalities: Your Project Begins!

Once it’s time for our team to work, most of our customers are impressed by our speed, detail, precision, efficiency, clean-up, and overall quality control.

  • We take project-site planning and preparation very seriously.
  • Our tools, machinery, trucks, and technology are top-notch!
  • Our clean-ups and post-project checkups are also detailed.

Why Us: Benefits Of Choosing Best Contracting

Why Our Overall Roofing Process Is So Effective

Proven Best Of The Best Products

Proven BEST-Of-The-Best Products

Sure, a lot of contractors turn to the same industry-leading roofing product lines. We set ourselves apart by taking the time to explain the VALUE and benefits for you and your property over time. We also train, train, and train some more to maintain proper certifications.

Learn more about our approach to the Best-Of-The-Best Products.

Meticulous, Detailed Installations & Repairs

Meticulous, Detailed Installations & Repairs

We love highly detailed, streamlined roofing installations and have them down like a well-oiled machine. We often use the word “machine” because that’s how our customers describe what they see. No wasting time, cutting corners, or winging it. Just practiced workmanship.

Dig deeper into our well-known, Detailed Installations & Repairs.

Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

Our founders and senior staff are from the Lancaster area. Working ‘hard’ is an everyday, normal thing. Hammers were our first toys as kids! Many of our first childhood memories involve home construction and exterior remodeling projects. We live and breathe this industry.

See more of what you can expect from our Homegrown Professionalism and Work Ethic.

Our Company’s Long Standing Core Values

Our Company’s Long-Standing Core Values

Whenever you mention ‘core values’ around a Best Contracting team member, they’ll perk up and listen closely. Around here, we take them seriously. They drive us. They steer our course. Values like faith, trust, loyalty, and teamwork are woven throughout our company tapestry.

Learn more about Best Contracting’s Core Company Values.

Our Faith & Commitment To Community Involvement

Our Faith & Commitment To Community Involvement

While we’re not shy about our faith, we prefer to show rather than talk about it. Aside from hard work and treating our customers with honesty and respect, we do that through giving back to the many Southeastern Pennsylvania communities we serve – especially here in Lancaster County.

Get more information about our Commitment To Local Communities!

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A Sampling Of Our Local 5-Star Reviews

What Local Southeastern Pennsylvania Customers Are Saying

Sheri T.

An HONEST Evaluation

I was told by my insurance that I needed a new roof. I had Best Contracting come out, expecting just a quote for replacement like all the other companies I got estimates from. What I got was an HONEST evaluation. They took pics and said I didn't need one for at least 5 years. I was able to take that info to my insurance, and they agreed to postpone. Best put honesty and integrity before all else. This sold me, and I highly recommend!

Lynn M.

Their Clean-Up Was Exceptional

Best Contracting was very professional from my first phone contact with them. They went out of their way to accommodate install dates driven by an inspection for a home purchase requiring a new roof. The roof looks great, and there was no evidence they were even on the property. Their clean-up was exceptional. Thank you, Best Contracting!

Kristin T.

Absolutely Perfect Job

We’re SO thrilled with Best Contracting from start to finish! Their rep was so helpful in getting the process started! The workers did an absolutely perfect job! The new roof is so much better than before. A week later, the roof was inspected again. We’re so pleased! We highly recommend BEST!

David C.

Professional, Quick, And Excellent

We recently had our roof replaced by Best Contracting. It was a great experience! They were professional, quick, and did an excellent job. Everything was cleaned up when done and put back in place. Very happy with our new roof! I would highly recommend them!

Tara W.

The Entire Process Was So Easy

Best Contracting installed a new roof on our home. The entire process was so easy. My PM and the entire crew were a pleasure to work with. Everyone was very professional. When the project was complete, the crew cleaned up around the house. After the project was finished, they inspected the work. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better experience. I would recommend Best to anyone looking for quality work on their home.

Our Roofing Process: FAQs

Important Questions & Answers

Q: Am I Always Going To Be Aware Of What’s Being Done?

Without a doubt. We’re extremely thorough and procedural. If something comes up during your project, we’ll make you aware of the issue immediately. With Best, there aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises or any of the usual games less experienced roofing contractors play.

Q: Are You Going To Keep Working Until I’m Satisfied?

We couldn’t imagine doing less. As you’ll notice while browsing our 5-star reviews, we genuinely care about our results and your experience. Let’s do as many final checks and walkthroughs as it takes for you to feel absolutely thrilled with your newly upgraded and better-protected home.

Q: Can I Count On Best To Respect My Property And Things?

Absolutely. After being in this business for decades, we KNOW how important your property is to you. Your gardens. Your bushes. Your lawn. Your walkways. And so on, oh yeah, we understand. We own homes as well. You’ll see our teams bending over backward to maintain a tidy worksite.

Q: Will Everyone On My Project Be Vetted And Covered?

Of course. Best Contracting is one of the most experienced, certified, and specialized roofing contractors in the entire Southeastern PA region (based in Lancaster). We not only take every step to protect our customers but our company and brand as well. You can count on Best.

Q: Will There Always Be Someone I Can Contact During The Project?

You bet. You’ll have a project manager, you can always call our office, and don’t be surprised if our owners show up. They can’t make it to every single job throughout the year, but oversight and quality control are paramount! You’ll also be able to chat with any of our team members.

Get Your Roofing Project Underway!

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.