HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector

Need A Professional Roof Inspection? We Provide HAAG-Certified Inspectors

he Roofing Industry’s “Golden Standard” For Better Information And Genuine Peace Of Mind

Truth is, modern roofing systems aren’t just a bunch of shingles and nails. They’re FAR more complex than in our dad’s or granddad’s era. And to make matters more complex, storm damage across Southeastern PA can vary. When you need a legitimate inspection, you MUST work with a specialist to get the best, most reliable information.

And the Golden Standard of these specialists is HAAG-certified.

What’s That Mean?

HAAG is a protocol to assess roof damage, whether inflicted by a storm or not.

What Does The HAAG Stand For?

Here’s a direct quote, and we apologize if it sounds like a foreign technical language to some:

“HCI stands for ‘Haag Certified Inspector’. HCI-R and HCI-C were proper designations indicating Residential (R) or Commercial (C) roof inspectors. In 2013, the acronym changed to HCI-R, HCI-C, and HCI-W (Haag Certified Inspector-Residential Roofs, -Commercial Roofs, and -Wind Damage, respectively).”

The certification has three main branches – Residential, Commercial, and Wind Damage. HAAG engineers design each to be unique and enhance damage assessment credentials, covering all types of roofing, buildings & components, weather & wind data (including hail), and supporting scientific principles.

Get Detailed, Proven, Professional Roofing Data

No fluff. No sales nonsense. No unnecessary expenditures. Absolutely NONE of the issues you could be dealing with when you work with a less qualified inspector who may NOT have your best interests in mind. This is what leads to insurance claim headaches, financial regrets, and basically getting taken for a ride on faulty information.

Give Your Insurance Claim REAL Legs To Stand On

When storm damage and insurance companies and adjusters get involved, and that’s just on the residential side…EVERYTHING is riding on the quality of information you’ve got. The good news is our inspector’s HAAG certification carries a lot of weight and credibility…which for our customers carries its weight in proverbial gold.

Get Proper Insurance Compensation

What do you get when you combine the previous two points? Adequate insurance compensation, when applicable. We’ll tell you if the damage merits a claim. We’ll tell you whether repairs or replacements are in order. We’ll give you the FULL story and let you decide what’s best based on the best information.

More (Great) Reasons To Choose Best Contracting

We PROVE We Use Only Best-Of-The-Best Products

We Prove We Use Only Best Of The Best Products

We’re all sick and tired of every company telling us they use the “best, most reliable” products. Obviously…most of them aren’t exactly telling the truth. As consumers today, we’re used to being lied to. At Best Contracting, we don’t leave things to words alone but PROVE the value we represent to you in various ways.

For example, we ONLY partner with industry-best manufacturers and explain the products we install to the finest detail. We also use the finest tools, supporting materials, and technology to make already-proven products perform even BETTER. Then there’s our long history or our many 5-star reviews from folks across the region. There’s no guesswork with us!

Learn more about why we only work with the Best-Of-The-Best Products.

Magazine-Worthy Installs & Quick, Effective Repairs

Magazine Worthy Installs & Quick, Effective Repairs

If you haven’t browsed our project galleries here on our website, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got digital STACKS of imagery showing how detailed, refined, sleek, and professional our installations are. Never sloppy. Never haphazard. No cut corners. No nonsense “tricks of the trade” to expand our margins. Just proper by-the-book workmanship people can depend on.

And when it comes to repairs, especially when storms or an emergency hits, our smooth, efficient process will be a real lifesaver. Best Contracting will not leave you hanging afterward either. We will look after our work over the long haul, ensuring performance and longevity.

Dig deeper into our approach to Meticulous Installs & Repairs.

Good Old Fashioned Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic

Lancaster County Pa Commercial Residential Roofing Gaf Certainteed

If you’re born and bred in Lancaster like we are, you know this area is praised for pumping out hard-working, quality contractors with a work ethic you can DEPEND on. Some of it comes from the influences of the Amish, and from generations of hard work. We’re proud of our history here and couldn’t imagine being elsewhere.

What this means for you is a well-oiled machine that treats you and your property RIGHT. When we tell folks they can expect to work with professionals of character, part of that concerns how we approach customer service and getting projects done with true GRIT.

See why we’re known for our true Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic.

Long-Standing Core Values

Our Core Values

While we often hear about companies having “core values,” what does that look like? We wondered about it ourselves! Really, as a tight-knit, family-oriented group of professionals, we all bring our core values with us, and they help create our company culture. So, we set down a short list of values we rally around as a cohesive team. And they are…

  • Trust
  • Service
  • Advocacy
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Loyalty

These are at our CORE, as professionals individually and as part of the Best Contracting team. We maintain them day in and day out, project by project. You’ll notice this right away from the first time you give us a call to those final walkthroughs and a job-well-done handshake after you’re delighted everything is picture-perfect.

Explore more about our company’s Long-Standing Core Values.

Faith & Community Involvement

Church Roof Gaf Lifetime Arcitectural Aspalt Roof System

We believe one of the reasons we’ve been so successful here in Southeastern PA is that we’re known for being professionals of faith who are glad to give back. We keep this pretty quiet, but we give away a percentage of our yearly revenue on a need-by-need basis. From donating free roof replacements to struggling families to supporting local initiatives like Aaron’s Acres, we aim to make a greater and greater impact.

Plus, people know us. Over the years, thousands of families have had us in their homes and businesses. We also attend church locally. Best Contracting is proud to be a positive part of this region, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, thanks to your support.

Dig deeper into our Faith & Community Involvement.

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.