Faith & Community Involvement

More Than A Company, We’re People Of Faith That Thrive On Family & Community

Who You’re Supporting When You Choose Best Contracting For Your Project

While we’re people of faith, we know faith alone isn’t enough. We demonstrate our faith by putting it into action and give glory where it’s due (to God). Our ‘good works’ as a company of professionals are expressed in multiple ways, which we’ll dig into briefly below.

What’s most important is that you understand we STRIVE and work hard daily to become better and better principled professionals. Our experience makes it a bit easier, but we’re not the kind of company that rests on our laurels and loses sight of what’s most important – our faith, our families, and our community.

How We Contribute & Support Southeastern PA Communities

Our consistent workmanship & overall remodeling results.

Our consistent workmanship & overall remodeling results.

Our workmanship has a positive impact on everyone involved, creating a better, stronger local community.

We Obsess Over Detail

How we choose to treat folks throughout the entire process.

Our process leaves people happy & impressed, not regretful & anxious, positively impacting our community.

Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

The impacts of thousands of upgraded homes & businesses.

Homes and businesses across Southeastern PA looking great, performing well, and increasing local efficiency.

Aarons Acres

Paying it forward, donating revenue to local needs & initiatives.

We donate a percentage of our revenue locally on a need-by-need basis and to initiatives like Aaron’s Acres.

Best Contracting Community Involvement

And how we conduct ourselves about town in our daily lives.

We meet folks within our customer family almost everywhere we go, so we’re always mindful of our conduct.

This is important if you want to know where your money’s going. Is it going into the pockets of a major home improvement company with a presence down the coast? Nope. We’re local. We’re a family-oriented company. Our Southeastern PA Service Area is rather large, and we aren’t searching for infinite growth.

We like this area. We like the people we work with and for. And we LOVE having a positive impact throughout the region. That said, you can learn much more about us in the next section below, or call ((717) 283-4524) or use our easy Contact Us form to chat with us directly. Thanks for your time today!

More (Great) Reasons To Choose Best Contracting

You Can Put Faith In Our Products

You Can Put Faith In Our Products

We know how cliche it is to have a home improvement company tell you they use the “best, strongest, longest-lasting, etc., etc., products.” They ALL say it. The big difference between us and the masses of less qualified contractors is that we can PROVE it, and we will. We will NOT ask you to “have faith” that our products will come through.

Before a single hammer is swung, you’ll have a crystal clear picture of the whats and whys behind our products, be it roofing, siding, or gutters. We’re not going to leave a single stone unturned. You’ll be FULLY informed on the benefits of our products and why they’re a) superior and b) a much better investment. Communication goes hand in hand with our products.

Dig deeper into our Best-Of-The-Best Products.

You Can Trust And Put Faith In Our Workmanship

Best Contracting Siding Before And After 4

Best Contracting, again, doesn’t just SAY our workmanship is expectation-exceeding and impressive. We prove it. We live and breathe it. We know our work greatly impacts the Southeastern PA communities we serve with distinction. And we’d never let that reputation we’ve worked so hard to build be ruined by poor performance.

This is where we live. We’re raising our families here. Thankfully, all you have to do is look through our 5-star customer reviews to see we’re not blowing smoke. Our crews are specialists. They’re seasoned, polished, refined, and well-experienced. So, expect the BEST from Best Contracting. It’s one of our well-known calling cards.

Learn more about our Meticulous Installs & Repairs.

You Can Count On Our Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic

You Can Count On Our Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic

Are we a company that folded up shop somewhere else under another name, then relocated here to Southeastern PA (we’re based in Lancaster) to start over? No, absolutely not. Our founders were raised here. These are our stomping grounds. Like any local, there are memories around every corner for us, not including all the properties we’ve worked on over the years.

The Best Contracting employees you’ll come across either have extensive experience (our owners have been swinging hammers since childhood) or the next generation is learning how to do things properly, hence our rigorous focus on quality workmanship. For many of our customers, this is an important point. Folks around here know what to expect of us.

Find out what we mean by Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic.

Along With Faith, We Have Strong Core Values

Our Company’s Long Standing Core Values

There’s no way under the sun we could put the word “Best” in our company name if we weren’t a core value-driven bunch of professionals. Values like loyalty and teamwork are much more to us than marketing slang or empty cliche ideas that look good on paper. We don’t use words like respect or trust lightly. These are the cornerstones of our company culture.

For us, they’re a framework we use to keep everyone on the same page and performing at the high level we’re well-known for. It’s why ALMOST 1 of every 2 customers refers us to their family members, neighbors, friends, and coworkers. We’ve also met folks at church or in the local supermarket who know our trucks. We care about providing value… through our values.

Explore our solid, Long-Standing Core Values.

You Can Work With A HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector

Haag Certified

Let’s say you’re relatively new here, and your first strong Southeastern PA storm season passes through, and you’re worried your roofing system might be damaged. Or, worse yet, you can clearly see it’s damaged…and you need to know the flat-out, detailed TRUTH of the situation. The GOLDEN standard in roofing inspections in general and relating to storm damage are HAAG-certified inspectors.

Long story short – our inspectors have undergone intensive training and passed all the rigorous testing to wear the badge. Our reports have clout. Our reports are backed by rock-solid evidence. Our reports will give you all the specifics, and then we can work with your insurance company to get the work done quickly and effectively. No temporary bandaids!

See what it means to choose an HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector.

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.