Long-Standing Core Values

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Demonstrating Our Principles Through Our Works… Daily!

Endless home improvement companies across America claim to be driven by principles and core values, but their statements tend to be bland, lack substance or are just plain dishonest. Look at the abysmal state of consumer sentiments from sea to shining sea. Even here in Southeastern PA, the exterior remodeling industry isn’t sporting a stellar reputation.

And that’s exactly why working with Best Contracting is like a liberating breath of fresh air.

They’re more than nifty sayings, quips, or marketing fodder to us because they’re connected to our faiths – not to mention our upbringings – and deeply ingrained throughout our company.

Are we perfect? No. We’re definitely flesh and bone.

But we strive to let our values guide our actions daily and on every project (big or small) – serving as the cornerstones of our company culture.

  • We revisit them daily and layer these reminders throughout our process.
  • Without question, we refuse to compromise on our values and principles.
  • We won’t set them aside for profits, short-term gains, or convenience.

Feel free to learn more about what our values mean to us and how we define them below. Or, if you’d rather chat with a Best Contracting specialist about how important being “Principled Professionals” is to us, call or use our quick contact us form.

Our Six Cornerstone Values

Trust | Service | Advocacy | Teamwork | Respect | Loyalty


Trusting in each other as professionals who work together like a well-oiled machine and cherishing the trust placed in us by home and business owners across Southeastern PA.


Striving to provide only 5-star, expectation-exceeding, setting-the-local-standard service for every Southeastern PA customer who chooses Best Contracting without fail or compromise.

Customer Advocacy

When you work with Best Contracting, you join our family, and we back our family 100% in terms of quality products, impeccable installations/repairs, and working with insurance companies.


Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect and polish our process, so these days, to our customers, we look like a smooth highly-practiced team that gets quality work done FAST.


Without question or compromise, we train every Best Contracting employee to respect the properties we work on and treat them like they were our own or our mother’s or grandfather’s place.


We’re loyal to each other as a tight-knit company that breaks bread together, but we’re also devoted to our customers and guarantee our workmanship over the long haul. It’s a calling card of ours.

More (Great) Reasons To Choose Best Contracting

Proven, Best-Of-The-Best Exterior Products

No Cut Corners Or Sloppiness

Of course, whether we’re talking about roofing products, siding, or gutters, we refuse to install anything that isn’t verified, proven top-quality. But it doesn’t stop there. We also ensure the tools we use, the tech we employ, and the underlying/support materials that we install are also of the highest quality.

It has to do with being loyal to our customers. It has to do with giving you proper respect. And as the years pass, we continue keeping an eye out for better, longer-lasting, and better-looking exterior products to come to market. And when they do, you can bet we’ll install them here in Southeastern PA.

Learn more about our Best-Of-The-Best Products.

Refined, Detailed Installations & Lasting Repairs

An Experienced Touch

There’s nothing magical or mysterious about the quality of our installations (roofing, siding, gutters) or general repairs, as well as our storm damage inspections and repairs. After decades of focusing on refined, detailed quality, doing things properly comes naturally. Every Best Contracting technician is well-trained, well-vetted, and well-versed in our “quality without compromise” approach.

You’ll experience them and see our core values play out throughout the installation/repair process. From how we prepare you and your property to how quickly and efficiently we get things done in a way you LOVE and feel great about, we rely on teamwork, loyalty, service, trust, advocacy, and respect. These are the ingredients of our secret success sauce.

Learn more about our Meticulous Installs & Repairs.

Our Homegrown Lancaster Grit & Principled Work Ethic

Best Contracting Community Involvement

Being from Lancaster is unique because this area is home to the Amish. Our founders grew up here and couldn’t imagine opening our doors elsewhere. Faith. Family. Community. Hard, honest work. These are the tenets of daily life around the Best Contracting office.

Meanwhile, we’re not afraid to use new, innovative technology on projects. The difference is that the tech we employ is particular and helps us maintain the hustle our customers expect and deserve. The bottom line is we’re aiming for our work ethic and principled approach to exceed your expectations.

Find out what we mean by Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic.

Our Faith & Community Involvement

We’re people of faith. And while this isn’t something we try to hide, we’re reluctant to discuss it much. We’d prefer our conduct as people and professionals do all the talking. However, you should know every year, we’re proud to donate a percentage of our revenue on a need-by-need basis here in the area locally. We prefer this approach over donating to gigantic organizations where it can be challenging to pinpoint impacts.

Sometimes it’s donating free roofs to families in need. Other times it’s supporting local initiatives like Aaron’s Acres, supporting local sports, or helping folks struck by storms and disasters. Paying it forward and sharing our blessings is an honor, and as we continue to grow, we’re excited to see our positive impacts expand.

Dig deeper into our Faith & Community Involvement.

Haag Certified

Our HAAG-Certified Roof Inspection Specialists

When you work with Best, if necessary, we’ll assign a specialized inspector to your project. Unlike many other roofing contractors across the land, in severe cases, we don’t just have any ol’ roofer come out to inspect people’s homes and businesses, especially after storm systems pass through! We can send an HAAG-Certified inspector, which you could think of as the “golden standard” in the industry.

The certification isn’t some easy run-of-the-mill program. It’s intensive. There are three branches – Residential Roof Inspection, Commercial Roof Inspection, and Wind/Hail Damage. It means our reports will be SPOT ON, give you a clear picture of the state of your roof, and give you the peace of mind that you have professional findings to back everything.

See what it means to choose an HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector.

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

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