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1 Out Of Every 2 Customers In Southeastern PA Refers Us Because They Love Our Products!

Installed By Professionals Of Character Who Care About Relationships As Much As Delivering Stellar Results

Our 50+% referral rate…is impressive! Especially when you consider that we’re in a competitive industry (specializing in both residential & commercial roofing, siding, and gutters) and in a large service area like Southeastern PA.

Our customers LOVE us and our approach, as you’ll notice immediately when browsing our Customer Reviews! We’re not trying to toot our own horn. However, we believe it’s important for you to know that people around here trust our company.

And one of the biggest ways we earn and maintain our customers’ trust is by offering beautiful, long-lasting, high-performance remodeling products. NO. EXCEPTIONS.

The Specs: Why Our Products Really Are The BEST

Our Exterior Products Last Longer.

While we’ve been around for decades, our experience stretches back further, and today there’s no doubt about it – we don’t install cheap, subpar, knock-off, or low-quality products. Instead, our products look incredible and PERFORM how you need them to over the long haul.

We Offer A More Versatile Selection.

Unlike the volume-based contractors that try to pigeonhole you into only one specific kind of product (that lines their pockets), we don’t try to sell you anything. Instead, we walk you through a versatile selection and the benefits and then let you make the best decision.

You Get Industry-Best Warranties.

Combining rock-solid, long-standing Best Contracting coverage with our partners’ manufacturer coverage is the industry’s best. No nonsense loopholes. No fine-print shenanigans. We will ensure you, your investment, and your property are protected.

We Only Partner With Proven Brands.

During your consultation with one of our specialists, you’ll notice that the brands we work with are well-established, widely proven, and leaders of their niche, be it in gutters, roofing, or siding. From GAF to James Hardie, it’s NICE to know you’re in great hands on all sides of the equation.

We’ll Leave Your Property More Secure.

Best Contracting doesn’t believe in “bandaid” solutions. We don’t believe in “corners” at all, let alone cutting them. From the ground up, we ensure your new gutter system, siding system, or roofing system is top-quality, meaning stronger and more secure.

No Compromising On Quality…Ever.

We couldn’t imagine offering you anything less. Because when it comes to the homes and businesses we improve and the Southeastern PA communities we serve, only the BEST will do. Read more about our products and process below.

You can dig deeper into our products, services, and the benefits of choosing Best Contracting below, or feel free to reach out and call or use our easy Contact Us form.

More (Great) Reasons To Choose Best Contracting

Elite Products + Expectation-Exceeding Installs & Repairs

Our Company’s Long Standing Core Values

No matter how much talking we do about products, the rubber meets the proverbial road with installations and repairs. And the best place to turn for insight into these is our customer reviews. As you’ll see repeatedly, no one on earth takes our workmanship more seriously than we do. We’re meticulous and not just concerned with the details but demonstrably obsessed!

Another critical point is that we don’t do this in the background. Instead, we’re eager to answer your questions about products/installations and keep you FULLY informed about what we’re doing, using, and why. This is where real honest-to-goodness peace of mind comes from.

Learn more about our Meticulous Installs & Repairs.

Our Good Ol’ Lancaster Grit & Well-Known Work Ethic

Lancaster Grit & Well-Known Work Ethic

If you’re born and bred in Lancaster like we are, you know this area is praised for pumping out hard-working, quality contractors with a work ethic you can DEPEND on. Some of it comes from the Amish’s influences and generations of hard work. We’re proud of our history here and couldn’t imagine being elsewhere.

This means we are a well-oiled machine that installs top-tier products AND treats you and your property RIGHT. When we tell folks they can expect to work with professionals of character, part of that concerns how we approach service and getting projects done with GRIT.

Find out what we mean by Lancaster Grit & Work Ethic.

Our Driving Forces = Our Core Values

These days, it’s become somewhat cliche to tell your customers you’re a core-driven brand. Our difference is we SHOW it through our product selection and so much more. We’ve been proving we’re a principled company for a long time, project by project.

It’s in how we treat folks, their budgets, and their property from A to Z and beyond as we take care of customers over the long haul. Generally speaking, we focus on the following:

  • Trust
  • Service
  • Advocacy
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Loyalty

Explore our solid, Long-Standing Core Values.

Our Faith & Community Involvement

Best Contracting Community Involvement

While we keep this pretty quiet and veer far away from boasting, it’s important people know that a percentage of our annual sales is given back to the Southeastern PA communities we serve. We don’t just hand checks to big huge organizations but work to find local needs and opportunities. An easy example is periodically providing free roof replacements to families in need.

Another example of something we do is work with Aaron’s Acres, which provides great things for local children and young adults with disabilities. Sharing our good fortune and blessings with others is an absolute honor and privilege. If you’re curious about this part of our company, don’t hesitate to ask any Best Contracting employee; they’ll get you the answers you seek.

Dig deeper into our Faith & Community Involvement.

You’ll Work With An HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector

Haag Certified

You’ll Work With An HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector

A “HAAG Certified” inspector is a credential specific to storm restoration and how to inspect for hail & wind damage to homes properly. This is the same training many insurance adjusters take before working for an insurance company. This means we can…

  • Quickly & professionally assess the state of your roof.
  • Assess the quality of your roofing system installation.
  • Detail the scope of damage due to storms or otherwise.
  • Detail the scope of any repairs or replacement.
  • Give you a crystal-clear quote for needed work.

For most homeowners we work with, our HAAG certification is a RELIEF. They know they can trust the information we give them. It’s specific. It’s credible. It’s proven. It’s professional. And if your insurance company needs to get involved, the entire process is much smoother.

See more of what it means to choose an HAAG-Certified Roof Inspector.

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.