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Professional, Full-Service Siding Solutions For Lancaster County & Across Southeastern PA.

New Siding System Installs & Siding Repairs That Last, Look Incredible, And Come With Outstanding Coverage!

We specialize in top-quality CertainTeed vinyl siding – we install it for most of our siding projects across Lancaster County and the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.

Not only is it well-suited for our area, but CertainTeed offers a comprehensive industry-leading selection of low-maintenance products that create beautiful, timeless looks that LAST!

  • Exceptional, ‘Lifetime’ Durability
  • Head-Turning Fade-Resistant Colors
  • A Variety Of Shingle Profiles In Many Styles
  • Professional Design Help For A Perfect Match

Learn more about our siding services for the Southeastern Pennsylvania area below, or, if you’d prefer to chat with a Best Contracting in-house specialist directly, simply use our contact us form or call. We’ll happily answer all your questions and get the ball rolling on your siding project.

Explore Your Siding Options With Best Contracting

Versatile Designs, Eye-Turning Colors & Ultimate Protection!

CertainTeed is the #1 manufacturer of siding in the world. Generally, they’re known for the best color infusions and A-to-Z systems that cover literally every base. For local home and business owners here in Southeastern PA suffering from old, faded, peeling, and shabby siding, these new systems are a real eye-opening “Wow!” moment (we love seeing that; it never gets old).

We’re not talking about the same old flimsy, generic vinyl siding that’s been around seemingly forever. No. Not even close. From their CertainTeed Cedarboards insulated siding to Premium Grade Monogram, or Mainstreet panels, these are thicker, modern, professional-grade, highly-engineered, well-designed siding products.

Style Options

A Large Assortment Of Style Options

What’s popular about their siding systems is that with so many siding products and options to choose from, you can really express your own personal style. Give your Southeastern PA property a new lease on life! Mix and match, be creative, and together we’ll achieve your vision.

“Using combinations of horizontal and vertical siding plus shakes and shingles together makes a bold statement. Adding soffit and trim detail delivers just the right accent. All choices coordinate perfectly with roofing, fence, decking, and railing options for a complete package!”

Cedar Shingle Siding That Performs

Cedar Shingle Siding That Performs

Longevity. Beauty. Enjoy the aesthetics of stunning cedar shingle siding without any of the downsides of natural wood. CetainTeed’s Impressions line is indistinguishable from the real thing but with fewer ongoing maintenance requirements or wood’s unavoidable vulnerabilities.

“Dressing your home in CedarBoards is like wrapping your family in a cozy blanket. Inside you’ll enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home. Outside you’ll appreciate the authentic look of natural wood, enhanced by distinctive colors and finishing touches.”

Magazine Worthy Accents

Magazine-Worthy Accents

Another benefit of CertainTeed for Southeastern PA customers is that they deliver complete head-to-toe systems with EVERYTHING included. Trim, crown molding, soffits, etc. All are designed to work together and provide clean, crisp, cohesive looks that turn heads for decades.

“Grab attention with subtle or exciting color combos. Add charm with Board & Batten. Or, create a custom-crafted wood look with beautifully textured Cedar Impressions shingles and shakes. The possible ways to accent your home are endless.”

Innovative Colors & Curb Appeal

Innovative Colors & Curb Appeal

As we like to say, CertainTeed has mastered the art of stop-and-stare curb appeal. In fact, they make it easy! With an updated color scheme, new vibrant colors and accents, and an absolutely flawless installation from Best Contracting, it’ll almost feel like a brand-new home!

“CertainTeed offers an industry-leading color spectrum including unique darker shades and semi-transparent stained colors for virtually unlimited design possibilities. Utilizing the newest tech and state-of-the-art formulations, CertainTeed backs their vinyl siding with PermaCOLOR Lifetime Fade Protection.”

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Why Us: Benefits Of Choosing Best Contracting

Why Our Overall Siding Process Is So Effective

Vinyl Siding Certainteed Southeastern Pa Best Contracting

Proven BEST-Of-The-Best Products

What’s important to know is that not only the fundamental siding systems we install are premium, top-tier, industry-leading, etc., but the tools, underlying materials, and technology we use are as well. We don’t believe in “cutting corners” or taking shortcuts. We stick with the best.

Learn more about our approach to the Best-Of-The-Best Products.

Meticulous, Detailed Installations & Repairs

Meticulous, Detailed Installations & Repairs

In truth, our standards for siding installations (and repairs, for that matter) exceed those of both the industry and our manufacturers. But why, especially when it’s not always necessary? Because we CARE, and we’re genuinely passionate about our detailed workmanship.

Dig deeper into our well-known, Detailed Installations & Repairs.

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Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

Being raised in the Southeastern PA and Lancaster County areas, we draw our work ethic from our families and the hardworking communities we grew up in/around. These are our stomping grounds. Over the decades, we’ve worked on homes across the entire region with pride.

See more of what you can expect from our Homegrown Professionalism and Work Ethic.

Our Company’s Long Standing Core Values

Our Company’s Long-Standing Core Values

Teamwork. Trustworthiness. Loyalty. Integrity. Honesty. Customer service excellence. These are more than values to us at Best Contracting, they’re a north star. They’re our compass. We’re dedicated to LIVING these values and principles daily as people and professionals.

Learn more about Best Contracting’s Core Company Values.

Best Contracting Community Involvement Southeastern Pa

Our Faith & Commitment To Community Involvement

We’re big on faith. We’re local churchgoers here in Lancaster. And we make it a special point to set aside a percentage of our yearly profits to give back. Not to big major organizations that are hard to see results with, but locally as needs arise and come across our desks.

Get more information about our Commitment To Local Communities!

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A Sampling Of Our Local 5-Star Reviews

Read What Locals Have Been Saying About Us

Anthony B.

Done In One Day

Best was simply fantastic. They were done in one day, the quality was great, and the clean-up was just as good. Literally found just one nail and one roof shingle (buried in a shrub near the house) after they completed the job. Highly recommend them. Saw many houses in the neighborhood take 2, 3, even 4 or more days to complete the work.

Marlene S.

Impeccable Communication Skills

They were always on time and had impeccable communication skills. Anytime I wanted to ask a question, they were available to answer it. They did very good work, and I haven't had a problem with anything in three years. After I had my roof and siding, I called them to do the deck, and I didn't even interview anyone else.

William C.

Excellent Workmanship And Cleanup

We had our old slate roof replaced with asphalt shingles and a completely new gutter and downspout system installed by Best Contracting—excellent workmanship and cleanup at a competitive price. We’re delighted.

Christopher B.

Professional And Easygoing People

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Best Contracting. From our first appt to the end of the process, he was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions. Very professional and easygoing people. I’d absolutely hire again if needed.

Jim H.

Outstanding Work

Highly recommend Best Contracting. We had our house reroofed, and they did some gutter work. A very professional outfit that does outstanding work and is tremendously easy to work with. The workmanship on the roof and gutters deserve our highest rating and the overall process. Without hesitation, we’d use Best Contracting again, and we highly recommend these guys to our friends and neighbors.

Residential Siding FAQs

Important Siding Questions & Answers

Q: Can You Tell Me If My Current Siding Needs To Be Replaced?

We’d be happy to. Simply Contact Us, and we can get everything scheduled. One of our inspectors will come out, take a look at everything and give you a breakdown – including information on products, materials, manufacturers, you name it.

Q: How Long Will My Siding Project Take From Start To Finish?

Like any home construction or improvement project, it’s natural to want to know when everything will be completed. Once we have a chance to meet you, inspect your property, get an idea of the materials involved, what line we’re going with, what kinds of repairs are required, and so on, we’ll give you a reliable timeline. Our average siding project can take anywhere from 2-3 days to a week or more, depending on the scope/complexity of the project (often, people bundle services like roofing and siding together).

Q: Where Do Your Prices Tend To Fall In Southeastern PA?

This is a tough question to answer. When we give a homeowner our breakdown of pricing for their project, it’s not “high” or “low.” We aren’t concerned with that at all. The most important things for us during this part of the process are to be as accurate and as transparent as possible. That’s what you can expect. Most homeowners would say we’re not the cheapest, but we’re often not the most expensive either.

Q: Why Should I Invest In Re-Siding My Home?

First and foremost, it’s a positive ROI investment across the nation in nearly every case. Fresh, new, quality siding doesn’t just boost curb appeal and overall property value; it almost makes it seem like a brand-new home! Whether you plan to sell soon or not, all the many benefits are well-known, like improved security, improved protection, reduced energy costs, etc.

Q: Will You Help Me Choose The Best Siding Products & Styling?

Oh, you bet. One of our residential siding product specialists will be happy to walk you through your many options, including different kinds of materials (like vinyl or fiber cement), so you fully understand the benefits and costs and everything else. We don’t sell anything. We match folks with solutions that meet their home’s needs, budgeting needs, and styling preferences.

Get Your Siding Project Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.