Asphalt Commercial Roofing

Efficient, Full-Service Asphalt Commercial Roofing For The Entire Southeastern PA Region.

From Simple To Large-Scope Projects, We Make The Entire Process Buttery Smooth!

For Southeastern Pennsylvania business owners who haven’t worked with us yet, the first thing they want to know is, can we handle the size and scope of their commercial asphalt roofing project? And while over the decades, Best Contracting has come across more as “your trusted, local residential roofing+siding+gutters contractor,” we’ve been doing commercial projects all along!

  • Corporate Buildings
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Educational Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare Offices
  • Tech Centers
  • Retail Shops
  • And Plenty More!

We set ourselves apart in our professionalism and dedication to ensuring you have a great experience as well as your on-site team and tenants!

“No-Mess & Much-Less” Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement.
We Help You Get The Most Value Possible!

Less Mess

We use an ultra-convenient RB4000 drivable container that’s raisable to make it easy to deposit old shingles, nails, and debris into the unit instead of onto the ground. This means your property stays cleaner and more professional looking.

Less Time

Our crews spend far less time on clean-up than other Southeastern PA commercial roofers using conventional roofing equipment. That means we get the job done faster. We want to keep the focus on the details for polished, gorgeous results.

Less Property Damage

Because debris goes into the raised container instead of onto the ground, our process reduces the risk of property damage. Beds, landscaping, and other property features stay intact, and your maintenance crew stays happy.

Pro Project Management

Communication is the key to ensuring a commercial asphalt roofing project stays on schedule and on budget. We work closely with you to manage the repair or replacement so it has little to no impact on your daily operations.

Your Options: Asphalt Commercial Roofing

GAF Master Elite, CertainTeed ShingleMaster, Owens Corning Preferred!

Commercial Roof Replacements

Commercial Roof Replacements

Most of our commercial roofing projects are asphalt shingle roofs. We can handle any size replacement and everything that comes with it – like working with groundskeepers and management companies to ensure a smooth, clean, efficient, and SAFE project from A to Z.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs

Specializing in both these systems and their commercial applications, we have a dedicated service department and fully-stocked service trucks ready to help business owners with roof repairs. We’re by the book, prudent, fast, and effective like everything else we do.

Commercial Roof Servicing

Commercial Roof Servicing

Due to commercial building sizes and tenant numbers in these locations, every step will be taken to alleviate stress on those impacted by ongoing maintenance or new roof replacement. Staging a commercial project takes planning and excellent communication. We can help.

Why Choose The Best: Comprehensive Solutions

Fully-Qualified & Duly Certified For Commercial

Best Contracting Best Roofing Siding Gutters Products Team

An Established Commitment To Quality Products

Contractors only need to be halfway decent for results that LOOK good… for a while. Real down-to-the-deck quality comes from a solid commitment to quality roofing lines, underlying & supporting materials, and trade tools. We’ve established our commitment over the decades.

Learn more about our approach to the Best-Of-The-Best Products.

Best Contracting Gaf Master Elite Residential Asphalt Roofing

Detailed, By-The-Book Installations & Repairs

Commercial projects come with subtle layers of complexity most residential projects lack. The good news is we’re schooled in both disciplines. Whether it’s a single multi-family structure or a massive undertaking, our process for repairs and installations is smooth and ultra-effective.

Dig deeper into our well-known, Detailed Installations & Repairs.

Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

Homegrown Lancaster Grit, Work Ethic, And Professionalism

Over the years, we’ve built a vast web of relationships with businesses across the Southeastern PA region (based out of Lancaster). We’re not strangers but are known throughout the region. We’re known for our work ethic, expertise, and seasoned approach to commercial projects.

See more of what you can expect from our Homegrown Professionalism and Work Ethic.

Our Core Values

Our Company’s Long-Standing Core Values

As a fellow business owner, you understand how powerful core values can be in structuring your company and keeping your team on the same page. Over the decades, we’ve maintained our focus on values – like teamwork, honesty, trustworthiness, striving for excellence, and more!

Learn more about Best Contracting’s Core Company Values.

Best Contracting Community Involvement

Our Faith & Impactful Community Involvement

The triad of our lives is family, our family-based company, and the communities we serve. These matter most – our support structure. So, each year, we set aside a percentage of revenue to give locally on a need-by-need basis. It’s a ton of fun, and the impacts are fantastic.

Get more information about our Commitment To Local Communities!

See For Yourself What The Best Workmanship Looks Like

A Small Sample Of Our Reviews

What Fellow Home & Business Owners Say About Us

Nikki K.

We Got Exactly What We Wanted And Needed.

The whole team on my commercial roofing site was polite, courteous, and more than happy to help with questions or concerns we may have had. They took their time to ensure we got exactly what we wanted/needed. The results were stunning!


Professional And Easy To Work With

Best Contracting was professional and easy to work with. They provided plenty of supplemental information to better support their bid – the price was competitive. The work was well done!

Melissa, S.

The Process Was Seamless

Best Contracting put a new roof on for us, and they did an amazing job! From start to finish, the process was seamless. They were professional, efficient, and showed up on time. They did a great job cleaning up as well. Highly recommend this company!

Dustin P.

A Breeze To Work With

From start to finish, Best Contracting was a breeze to work with. Everything from the quote to the installation was smooth. The roof replacement crew was friendly, fast, and clean. We wouldn’t even have known they were there! We highly recommend them for your next roof replacement or repair.

Meg, C.

A Top-Notch Job

Fantastic organization! Quality staff installed our asphalt shingle and metal roof. On time, respecting property, and a top-notch job! We got several quotes, of course, and Best Contracting’s was the most detailed and thorough. I would highly recommend!

Asphalt Commercial Roofing FAQs

Straightforward Qs & As

Are Asphalt Shingles A Good Material For Commercial Roofs?

Yes, asphalt shingles are ideal for commercial roofs with slopes. They are durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

Can I Finance My Commercial Asphalt Roofing Project?

Yes, we have financing options available and are happy to discuss them with you.

Do You Have Any Examples Of Your Work?

We have an online gallery where you can see examples of our storm damage repairs and other work we have done.

How Long Does Asphalt Roofing Last?

Commercial asphalt roofing can last up to 30-40 years when installed properly and correctly maintained.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Commercial Asphalt Roof?

Every project is different, but once we assess your roof and provide an estimate, we will also be able to provide a timeline for the completion of the project.

Q: Can You Inspect My Asphalt Commercial Roof For Me?

Our commercial roof inspectors and inspections are the BEST you can get in the Southeastern PA region. If needed, we have HAAG-certified inspectors on staff that can give you detailed information on the state of your commercial roof, what kinds of repairs and maintenance are needed, and more, all backed by cold hard data and scientific principles. Our reports have clout.

Q: How Long Will My New Commercial Asphalt Roofing System Last?

If you were asking us about your home, we could probably give you a rough idea – assuming we aren’t bundling projects like siding services. But, with commercial asphalt roofing projects, it’s impossible. Rest assured (and this is backed by our Customer Reviews) we work quickly, efficiently, procedurally, and with precision. From our products to our tools and technology, we pull out all the stops for our customers.

Q: Replacement Isn’t In The Budget. How About Repairs?

We completely understand, and yes, we do plenty of Roof Service & Repair work every year. We have a small fleet of fully-stocked and branded trucks to get the job done well and quickly. If repairs are found during your inspection that we can get done that day, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. We work to get results as soon as possible for simple or severe repairs.

Q: What Makes You The BEST Choice For My Commercial Roofing Project?

We believe it’s a combination of things: our local industry experience, commercial roofing experience, our expertise in general, our Southeastern PA reputation, and our process and professional workmanship. Beyond these characteristics of our company, there’s our passion for YOU, our customers. Hence, why the service you’ll get from us is top-notch, from A to Z.

Q: Where Do Your Commercial Roofing Bids Tend To Fall? High, Low?

Even with Residential Roofing, this is a really tough question if you want a pinpoint answer. Commercial roofing projects tend to be bigger in scope and have a fair amount of variables that residential projects aren’t concerned with. You can count on our bid being FAIR, transparent, detailed, and backed by data/facts. We don’t bother with nonsense or pricing games.

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.