About Best Contracting

About Us: From Kids In Amish Country To Principled Exterior Remodeling Professionals.

Our Story Is One Of Hard, Honest Work And Distinct Service Across Southeastern Pennsylvania

The #1 thing you should know about Best Contracting is that when you choose us, you’ll work with people of character. We’re the kind of family company you call when you need to invest in proven QUALITY. Long-lasting roofing, siding, and gutter solutions delivered with outstanding service are a stamped-in-stone guarantee!

What’s our secret sauce? We don’t use any. Simply put, we CARE. We live and breathe this line of work. We’re proud of our calling. Helping home and business owners with exterior remodeling in Southeastern PA is hard work, but there’s nothing better.

Humble (Albeit Experienced) Beginnings From The Shed To Top-Tier Contracting

Top Tier Contracting

After decades of growth and evolving our business, we look VERY different than when we opened our doors. Many folks don’t know this, but Best Contracting started in a shed! It was out back of Ray Beiler’s house, where he founded the company in 2010.

To get to our original “office” area of the sturdy backyard shed, you first had to walk past the lawnmowers. It honestly didn’t matter what things looked like at first, though. It wasn’t long before he and his team outgrew that old shed. Our founders came up in the Amish community and had been swinging hammers in the Southeastern PA area since early childhood. Hard, honest work and upgrading home/business properties is all they’ve ever known.

Sticking With What We Know & Do Best: Residential/Commercial Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Residentialcommercial Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Have there been times throughout the decades when we’ve tried to veer away from our primary services? Not as a company, but in the early days, our founder Ray wanted to “get off the roof,” after doing it so long, and branched off into different types of exterior remodeling projects.

This is why, in 2014, John Beiler (Ray’s brother) and Myron Stoltzfus joined the team – to help Best Contracting expand and become a bigger part of our Lancaster area! John brought 30+ years of general contracting work to the table, and Myron added 22+ years of experience as a siding contractor. He also loves the relationship side of transforming homes and businesses. Together, they represent a brick-ton of the Lancaster Work Ethic we’re so proud of.

Are We Storm Chasers? We Are, In The Best Sense Of The Term!

Storm Safe Gutters

While the term “Storm Chaser” often comes with a negative connotation, this is often related to poor workmanship, pricing games, and fly-by-night operations that pop in and out of local communities…Best Contracting is the POLAR opposite.

Our customers get Best-Of-The-Best Products and Meticulous Installs & Repairs, and our long-standing Community Involvement speaks for itself. That said, John and Ray Beiler learned the ropes of PROPERLY dealing with storm damage from experienced chasers in our region. This is why today, we’re a go-to for home and business owners who need fast, efficient, top-quality solutions like Roof Servicing and Repairs or Storm Damage Repair.

Have We Made Mistakes? Sure, But We’ve Never Let Customers Down

Post Formalities Your Project Begins

One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is we’re a company composed of genuine, faithful, and loyal people. We focus on building a tight-knight, family-centric, high-performance team that works together like a classic well-oiled machine. So, this has caused us from time to time to hold onto people for longer than we should have. We’ve made mistakes but learned from each along the way to become better and better at what we do.

Then again, we’ve never been a revolving door. The vast majority of the men and women wearing our company shirts have been with us for a LONG time because they share our Long-Standing Core Values and our always-above-and-beyond approach to customer service.

The Future Of Best Contracting: We’re Here To Stay!

Lancaster Grit & Well-Known Work Ethic

“We all want to be treated with love and respect and build real genuine lasting relationships.”

Naturally, as we’ve continued to grow, our impacts have also grown significantly. It’s inspiring to hear the stories of our customer interactions. Occasionally community needs are significant. Like, when whole families or neighborhoods are in need, a widow needs a new roof, or a son or daughter loses a parent. But, we find that a simple card or flowers make a huge difference when someone’s going through a hard time.

“Often we overlook the little things that can be done to change the lives of someone we come in contact with.”

We started out in roofing and siding and continue to offer the quality service our customers have come to expect. But really, we have a much bigger calling. If we serve our community for the next 50 years but miss the true needs of our customers, we’ve failed as a company.

Our desire to grow is two-fold. Yes, we enjoy the fruits of our labor. But to be able to offer a product and service our customers love while also leaving a lasting impact within the community makes it all worth the hard work and long hours!

Get Your Service Or Repairs Underway.

For truly ELITE residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutter, and leaf protection services throughout Pennsylvania, home and business owners turn to Best Contracting. If you need help and want it to come from a contractor who holds to the “do it once and do it right” mindset, contact us today for a free quote.