Need Gutter Guards? Here’s How To Help Them Last Longer

How Long Do Gutter Guards Last In Wayne?

Tips For Helping Your Gutter Guards Last Longer

If you are considering gutter guards in Wayne, you may wonder how long they will last. In general, they can last up to 15 years.

Gutter guards are metal or plastic grates that are strong but flexible and sit above your gutter troughs to collect leaves and debris so they can’t clog your gutters.

Several factors determine how long gutter guards last and how long they protect your gutters properly. You can do many things as a homeowner to help extend the life of your gutter guards and your gutters. Let’s explore some of those things.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards catch sticks, leaves, and other debris and stop them from getting into your gutters. If this stuff does make it into your gutters, it can clog them and prevent water from flowing off your roof and away from your home.

This can lead to problems with your roof and foundation, putting your whole home at risk for water damage. Gutter guards are much easier to clean and maintain than the actual gutters themselves, so they can also help you save time and money on gutter cleaning and repairs.

How Can Homeowners Increase The
Lifespan Of Their Gutter Guards?

Homeowners can help protect their gutter guards and gutters by ensuring they are always in the best shape possible and not vulnerable to damage that can be caused by accidents or bad weather. Here are some things homeowners can do to help their gutter guards last longer.

Professional Gutter Guard Installation

One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your gutter guards is to ensure professionals install them. If your gutter guards are not installed correctly, they may slip into the gutters, where they cause more harm than good.

They could also be blown out of the gutters in a storm or even washed out if heavy rain occurs. A professional gutter guard installation team will be able to measure your gutters, make sure the gutter guards are cut to the right size, and install them with an expert touch to ensure they last as long as possible.

Proper Gutter Guard Maintenance

Although gutter guards are tough and durable, they still need to be properly maintained. That means the gutter guards should be professionally cleaned every few years. When debris collects on top of your gutter guards, it should be removed.

Since most homeowners can’t clean their gutter guards themselves, it’s smart to choose a professional company to perform the maintenance.

This ensures the gutters are cleaned correctly. Gutter guard experts can also recognize signs of damage on your gutter guards and tell you if any need to be replaced or repaired to help protect the entire system and keep water flowing through your gutters.

Choose A Premium Gutter Guard Brand

If you want your gutter guards to last, you need to choose the right type. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to quality for price. It’s best to choose a strong, flexible, and durable material.

This ensures easier and faster maintenance and installation as well as top performance. When it comes time to install your gutter guards, work with a company that only uses the best materials available so you know you are getting the best value and the gutter guards will last.

Roof Maintenance To Protect Gutter Guards

Your roof and gutters work together to help move water away from your Wayne home. If your gutters are full, they can’t drain water away from your roof. If your roof is damaged or covered in leaves and debris, it could wash into the gutters and clog your gutter guards faster.

Having your roof maintained by a professional company will help keep your gutter guards clear and allow them to last longer. It can also reduce or eliminate significant roofing problems.

Choose Best Contracting For Your Gutter Guard
Installation And Maintenance In Wayne

If you are ready to protect your Delaware County home and gutters from leaves and debris, gutter guards installed by Best Contracting are a great option. We have a great selection of premium gutter guards and are happy to install and maintain them to ensure professional results.

We make sure every gutter guard project is done with an expert touch and exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our gutter guards are designed and installed to withstand the toughest elements and last many years. Contact us for a free estimate to get started with your project.

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