Solving This Homewner’s Leak From The Attic-Up

Our Thorough, From-The-Attic-Up Approach
To Solving This Homeowner’s Roof Leak

While The Other Roofing Companies Didn’t Check The Attic,
Our Experience And Work Ethic Demanded We Investigate.

“Mike gave me a call to let me know their arrival time. I was very happy to know they cared so much to keep you informed. Steve & Mike got out of their truck and shook hands with me and were eager to know what our issues were. They are very professional and polite.

Before they went up on the roof they wanted to see in the attic to check for the leaking area. I had other roofing companies come to give me an estimate and none of them wanted to see in the attic.

– Wade Glessner

There’s just no substitute for a methodical, no-stone-unturned approach–and roof repair is NO exception.  At Best Contracting, we are proud to be the roofing company in Southeast PA that is willing to play detective and get to the bottom of your issue.

So…when Wade told us that the first roofers hadn’t even checked the attic, we knew they weren’t committed to solving his roof leak.

As for our care and professionalism, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  When we show up to your home we’re ALWAYS eager to identify and SOLVE your roofing problems.

Professional, Polite, And Prompt Initial Impression

It might be a cliche that your dad told you before a job interview, but first impressions ARE important.  That’s why we’re glad to hear we made a good one with this homeowner.  We show up when we say we will and treat your home like a castle when we’re there.

As for why we checked the attic when no one else did, it’s because of our longstanding Lancaster Grit And Work Ethic.  What others might consider “okay,” we would consider not-good-enough.

It applies to our inspections, our workmanship, and even our cleanup.  We don’t want to leave you with anything but a great experience and a roof that will LAST.

Work Done Efficiently And With “A Lot Of Heart”

“Then they went to work and made the proper repairs needed and explained all procedures they were doing. They didn’t replace something that didn’t need work. The work was done in a timely manner and they cleaned up after they were done. The work was done with a lot of heart.”

Another point he made was that we took the time to explain what we were doing and why.  A lot of contractors might not do that, but we’re not here to do the standard.  We’re here to go above and beyond for our customers to make sure their roof, siding, or other exterior project turns out FLAWLESSLY.

We do what’s necessary to make your project turn out well, but we DON’T replace materials that don’t need it or provide services that we don’t believe in 100%.  For us, Meticulous Installs And Repairs are our calling card and our gold standard for workmanship–end of story.

Detailed, Meticulous Workmanship And A Job Done ASAP

“I would recommend them for a whole house shingle replacement and any other repairs.They replaced 2 vent pipe boots and made repairs around our chimney. Very satisfied with their work. I needed the work done asap and they were very willing to do so.”

Detail-oriented work may scare off some roofers (or cause them to just IGNORE that part of the project), but at Best Contracting we promise to take the time to do it right.

Whether that means replacing your vent pipe boots or doing detailed chimney work, Our Roofing Process ensures that everything goes smoothly and EVERY facet of your project is completed.

Why do we do what other roofers either won’t or CAN’T?

Because we CARE about our customers and want nothing but the best for your home AND budget.  We want your roof to last for years to come and for you to get the full value out of your warranty.

After all, Customer Advocacy is one of our Long-Standing Core Values, and it drives our mission to give the homeowners we serve the absolute best.

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