How Gutter Guards Protect Your Home’s Exterior

How Gutter Guards Protect Your
Home Exterior In Elverson, PA

Gutter Protection Does More Than
Keep Your Gutters Safe

Gutter guards in Elverson, PA, are the best way to protect your gutters, but did you know they can also protect the rest of your home’s exterior? Without a strong gutter system, your roof, siding, and foundation are all in danger of weakening.

A sturdy gutter system means a lot, but without a guard, it is susceptible to clogs, making it more difficult for them to do their job.

Best Contracting provides gutter guards that we install with incredible precision to ensure you get the most out of these systems. We never underestimate the ways that gutter guards can protect your home.

Gutter Protection Is The Main Priority

Gutter guards keep your gutters clean by keeping debris out and allowing water to flow freely. Hence, it allows your gutters to do the job they are meant to do without interference.

Gutter guards prevent the need for seasonal cleaning and help your gutters last longer. Gutter Guard RX, in particular, makes your seamless gutters sturdier by holding them in place with a unique fastening system.

Your Foundation Is At Risk Without A Gutter Guard

The most important job of a gutter system is to keep water away from your foundation. But if your gutters are clogged, they can’t operate properly, and water overflows, threatening to seep under your foundation.

If water gets under your foundation in large amounts, it may form valleys and wear away at the ground holding it in place. Over time, this weakens the structural integrity of your entire home. A gutter guard helps by ensuring that your gutters don’t overflow.

Install Gutter Guards To Help Your Siding In Elverson, PA

Strong siding, like CertainTeed vinyl siding, is moisture resistant and an amazing barrier against water if installed properly. However, without good gutters working well, water may still find its way behind the siding.

A gutter guard ensures your gutters are at their best so the water doesn’t wear down your siding. Improperly sealed siding may warp and expand if exposed to too much water, making gutter guards even more crucial.

Basements May Flood Without Gutter Protection

Basement flooding is a serious issue that is more likely if you don’t have gutter guards. Extreme amounts of water pouring in around your basement’s exterior may make its way inside.

If you have basement windows, it’s even more likely as the water can find gaps and holes around windows, especially if they aren’t sealed properly.

Your Roof In Chester County Is Stronger
Without The Weight Of Water

Your roof is one of the main components that gutters and gutter guards protect. Gutters help channel water to a safe place so it doesn’t get under your roof. If too much water gets under your roofing, rot and mold may occur.

Without a gutter system, the water may collect on your roof, leaks may occur, and your attic may even see the worst of it. Roof leaks are detrimental to your home as they can create havoc on the roof and the interior.

Your Landscaping Requires Less
Upkeep With Gutter Protection

Clogged gutters ensure that water pours over the sides of the system and makes a mess of your yard. The hard work you spent landscaping may have been for nothing. However, a gutter guard helps keep water flowing as it should and prevents large amounts from flooding your yard.

Fascia May Pull Away Without Gutter Guards

Most gutter systems attach to your fascia, so there may be quite a bit of weight on the fascia if your gutters clog. Gutter guards protect your gutters from clogs, keeping their weight to a minimum.

Your fascia is even more at risk of tearing off in storms and harsh weather. If that happens, your gutters will collapse, with nothing to hold them to the house.

Best Contracting offers exceptional gutter guards in Elverson, PA. We offer guards made by Gutter Guard RX, the best company for gutter guards. If you’re ready to protect your gutters and your home’s exterior, call us at (717) 283-4524 for a free estimate.

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