Emergency Storm Repairs For Your Roof

Hit By A Storm? How To Get Storm Damage
Restoration From A Pro In Collegeville, PA

Some Help With Storm Damage
Restoration For Your Home

Was your home impacted by the high winds and hail of a recent storm? You might be wondering what to do to keep your home safe and get emergency roof repairs for your storm damage restoration in Collegeville, PA.

Making sure you are safe is the first thing you should do. After that, start working with a professional roofing contractor like Best Contracting and contact your insurance company.

What Not To Do When You Need Emergency
Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage brings out some less-than-friendly “contractors” who are looking for work – but not the quality of work you want.

If a representative for a company knocks on your door or calls, there is a chance that their efforts to fix your roof could result in insurance fraud. They also tend to do the work poorly. Instead, ignore the door and spammy calls and reach out to someone yourself in Montgomery County.

Contact A Professional Storm Damage Contractor

Your roof’s job is to protect you from the weather and keep your home safe. Storm damage can make providing protection an issue, so you’ll want to act quickly.

The first, most essential step after receiving storm damage to your roof is to ensure you and your family are OK.

After that, talk to a professional roofing contractor specializing in storm damage repair. A storm damage contractor can help you out in many ways. If your roof has some damage that seems to invite the weather right in, they can help by placing a tarp or protective cover on it.

That said, some homeowners want to climb on the roof to assess storm damage. This is not a good idea. Climbing onto your roof with a ladder can be risky, even on a good day. After a storm, your roof might have worse damage than you thought, and you risk hurting yourself and further damaging the roof.

Get Your Roof Damage Inspected By An
Experienced Storm Damage Contractor

Even if your roof doesn’t have the kind of damage that requires a protective cover, your best bet is still to contact a professional roofing contractor for an inspection.

A roofing contractor will go on your roof and evaluate damage with trained eyes. They might notice damage you didn’t see from the ground, and they’ll use this information to help with the case for an insurance company claim.

The contractor can also help you understand what coverage your homeowner’s insurance offers for storm damage. One big action your contractor will take is getting photos and damage documentation.

Contact Your Homeowner Insurance Company
To File A Storm-Related Insurance Claim

You’ll need to contact your insurance company to start the storm-related insurance claims process. The insurance company will want proof that the damage occurred. The professional roofing contractor will have collected photos and any other documentation needed to show the insurance company.

Your insurance company must send out an adjuster to verify damages and begin putting a value to damages. You should know that an adjuster works to protect the insurance company’s best interests and not yours.

Feel free to invite your professional roofing contractor to be present with the adjuster to discuss issues related to the work that needs to be done.

Have Storm Damage Repair Services Completed

Once your roofing contractor and insurance company agree on how to fix your roof, it’s time to get the damage fixed.

You’ll first pay your deductible to get the fixes started. Then, your roofing contractor will complete the repairs. Before long, your roof will be restored.

Call Best Contracting For Emergency
Roof Repairs In Collegeville

When a storm causes damage to your roof, you want a professional roofing contractor like Best Contracting to restore your roof. We’ll help protect your home while we work with the insurance company to get proper fixes done.

When a storm hits your home, you can schedule a free in-person roof inspection with us. We are also a phone call away at (717) 283-4524.

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