Why is Roof Ventilation Important to Your Home?

When you are cooking food on the stove or are taking a hot shower, what do you typically turn on to prevent heavy build-up of smoke, steam or stench?  That’s right, exhaust fans.  Removing moisture, smoke and odors from your home is important.  But what about your roof?  Proper roof ventilation allows for hot air to escape your attic, which then extends the overall life of your roof, lowers your energy costs and reduces the number of temperature fluctuations inside your home.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Did you know that having icicles hanging from the edge of your roof and gutters is actually very dangerous for your roof’s well-being?  Such build-up of ice is referred to as an ice dam (learn more about them here) and they can do a great deal of damage to the edge of your roof.  To help prevent ice dams and ultimately extend the life of your roof, proper ventilation is required.  Roof ventilation helps warm air that is naturally trapped in your attic escape, so that it does not melt collected snow and ice on your rooftop and cause ice dams.  This in turn protects your roof and gutters from ice dam(age) – see what we did there?! 

You can easily spot a well-vented roof in the winter because it will have snow on top but no icicles in sight.  Roof ventilation is important all year round though, not just in the winter.  During scorching hot summer days, your roof’s temperature can be almost double.  If a roof is not ventilated in such hot conditions, your home’s attic will also be stifling hot.  In turn, the buildup of heat can damage your shingles from the inside out.  Evenly vented roofs will allow the hot air to escape and keep your roof (and attic) much cooler and protected.

Lower Energy Costs

You might have already guessed this one, but a home’s attic can easily trap heat, causing your home to feel warmer and your air conditioner to do more work to cool your house down.  By getting proper roof ventilation installed, you’ll allow for built-up heat to escape and in turn reduce the workload on your air conditioner unit.  This not only serves as a cost savings but also makes your home naturally cooler, safer and more efficient.  Don’t overspend on energy to keep your home warm and cool; proper insulation and ventilation can make a big difference in energy costs.

Reduce Indoor Temperature Spikes

We all know that heat rises.  In homes that do not have roof ventilation, you can really feel the extra heat as you travel upstairs into rooms closer to the roof (sometimes referred to as the “stack effect”).  As mentioned above, heat easily gets trapped in attic spaces and causes your entire home to be warmer without proper roof ventilation.  Cold air can also get trapped and cause your unvented home to feel very cold during the winter months.  Adequate roof ventilation allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter the attic space, making your home feel more comfortable temperature wise year-round. 

Residential Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

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