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A West Chester, PA commercial asphalt roof protects your property and allows you to carry on with business as usual. If your roof is damaged, it won’t only make your property unsightly, it could put it at risk for water damage and other serious issues.

Best Contracting provides beautiful and durable asphalt roofing that will not only make your business more attractive but also ensure your commercial property is safe for employees and customers.

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We Specialize In Commercial Asphalt Roofing Projects

If your commercial roof needs services, it’s important to choose an experienced and skilled company for help. Best Contracting offers a variety of commercial asphalt shingle roof services for all types of properties.

Commercial Asphalt Roofing Repair

If your commercial roof is damaged, we can help by providing professional commercial asphalt roof repair services. We can assess the condition of your roof project, find the damage, and determine its severity.

We perform repairs quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your business or the vulnerability of your roof.

Commercial Asphalt Roofing Replacement

If your commercial asphalt roof is beyond repair, it may need to be replaced. This allows us to provide you with a brand-new roof that performs well and lasts for many years.

We can replace the damaged sections or your full roof. We use the best materials so you can rest assured your replacement roof is strong and capable of protecting your property.

Commercial Asphalt Roof In West Chester Pa

Decades Of Experience Lead To Premium Commercial Asphalt Roofing Results

We Take Pride In Every Project

Convenient Financing Options

We understand that roofing projects can require a big investment, and we offer financing options to help make your commercial asphalt roof more affordable. We are happy to discuss these options with you so we can get started on the project immediately.

High-Quality Materials

We choose to work with the best materials because they perform well and last a long time. We choose commercial asphalt shingles that won’t break down easily when exposed to the elements.

We want you to trust that your roof will always protect your property so you can rest assured that your employees, customers, and belongings are safe.

Friendly Customer Services

We strive to provide customers with the best experience possible. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the progress of your project, the materials being used, or our company in general. We don’t just want to match your expectations, we want to exceed them.

Years Of Industry Experience

When it comes to commercial asphalt roofing, we have decades of experience. We pay close attention to detail and make sure every repair or replacement is done with our expert touch.

Should you have any concerns, we will address them and make sure you feel confident in your decision to choose us for your roofing services in Chester County.

When choosing someone to work on something as important as your commercial roof, you want a team with plenty of experience and dedication to ensure the project is completed right the first time.

See What Our West Chester, PA Customers Are Saying About Us

Check Out These Positive Reviews

Kristin T.

Absolutely Perfect Job

We’re SO thrilled with Best Contracting from start to finish! Their rep was so helpful in getting the process started! The workers did an absolutely perfect job! The new roof is so much better than before. A week later, the roof was inspected again. We’re so pleased! We highly recommend BEST!

Sheri T.

An HONEST Evaluation

I was told by my insurance that I needed a new roof. I had Best Contracting come out, expecting just a quote for replacement like all the other companies I got estimates from. What I got was an HONEST evaluation. They took pics and said I didn't need one for at least 5 years. I was able to take that info to my insurance, and they agreed to postpone. Best put honesty and integrity before all else. This sold me, and I highly recommend!

Travis E.

A Complete Service Package

Best Contracting provides a complete service package. Great communication, reasonable pricing, high-quality materials, extended warranty, single-day roof installation, care in clean up, and timely post-installation inspection. Overall great experience using this company.

Common Questions From Our West Chester, PA Customers

Are Asphalt Shingles A Good Material For Commercial Roofs?

Yes, asphalt shingles are ideal for commercial roofs with slopes. They are durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

Can I Finance My Commercial Asphalt Roofing Project?

Yes, we have financing options available and are happy to discuss them with you.

Do You Have Any Examples Of Your Work?

We have an online gallery where you can see examples of our storm damage repairs and other work we have done.

How Long Does Asphalt Roofing Last?

Commercial asphalt roofing can last up to 30-40 years when installed properly and correctly maintained.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Commercial Asphalt Roof?

Every project is different, but once we assess your roof and provide an estimate, we will also be able to provide a timeline for the completion of the project.

Q: Can You Inspect My Asphalt Commercial Roof For Me?

Our commercial roof inspectors and inspections are the BEST you can get in the Southeastern PA region. If needed, we have HAAG-certified inspectors on staff that can give you detailed information on the state of your commercial roof, what kinds of repairs and maintenance are needed, and more, all backed by cold hard data and scientific principles. Our reports have clout.

Q: How Long Will My New Commercial Asphalt Roofing System Last?

If you were asking us about your home, we could probably give you a rough idea – assuming we aren’t bundling projects like siding services. But, with commercial asphalt roofing projects, it’s impossible. Rest assured (and this is backed by our Customer Reviews) we work quickly, efficiently, procedurally, and with precision. From our products to our tools and technology, we pull out all the stops for our customers.

Q: Replacement Isn’t In The Budget. How About Repairs?

We completely understand, and yes, we do plenty of Roof Service & Repair work every year. We have a small fleet of fully-stocked and branded trucks to get the job done well and quickly. If repairs are found during your inspection that we can get done that day, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. We work to get results as soon as possible for simple or severe repairs.

Q: What Makes You The BEST Choice For My Commercial Roofing Project?

We believe it’s a combination of things: our local industry experience, commercial roofing experience, our expertise in general, our Southeastern PA reputation, and our process and professional workmanship. Beyond these characteristics of our company, there’s our passion for YOU, our customers. Hence, why the service you’ll get from us is top-notch, from A to Z.

Q: Where Do Your Commercial Roofing Bids Tend To Fall? High, Low?

Even with Residential Roofing, this is a really tough question if you want a pinpoint answer. Commercial roofing projects tend to be bigger in scope and have a fair amount of variables that residential projects aren’t concerned with. You can count on our bid being FAIR, transparent, detailed, and backed by data/facts. We don’t bother with nonsense or pricing games.

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