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Asphalt roofing is a popular choice among Chester Springs, PA, homeowners, and they love its cost-saving benefits. The durable material reduces water damage and prevents you from time-consuming maintenance that dips into your wallet.

Whether you value a low-maintenance material, versatile design options, or affordability, shingles may be the perfect solution for you.

Like all roofing systems, asphalt can get damaged in storms or age past its lifespan. These vulnerabilities can lead to costly problems like flooding, mold growth, pest infestations, or even sagging decking if left unaddressed.

At Best Contracting, we help remove the headache from asphalt roofing repairs and replacements by presenting a transparent process with a customer-centric approach.

Our highly qualified, licensed contracting crew explains every part of the project to the homeowner and welcomes input at all stages. This clear communication allows you to get the results you envision.

Whether you’re dealing with gaps in your roofing material, curling shingles, or a system that aged past functional performance, Best Contracting can help you and your family stay protected from the elements.

Asphalt Roof Repairs

Asphalt shingle repairs are necessary to maintain the integrity of your roof and protect your Chester County home from water damage.

Shingles can deteriorate from exposure to the elements – wind, rain, and sunlight – and from other factors such as fallen debris, pest infestation, or poor installation.

If you don’t repair these vulnerabilities when you notice them, several problems can arise, including the following:

  • Water Damage: Damaged or missing shingles can allow water to seep through your roofing material and decrease your structural integrity, including the roof deck, insulation, and even the interior of your home. Over time, this infiltration can lead to mold growth, rot, and structural issues like collapses.
  • Energy Loss: If your roof is missing asphalt shingles, it may not be able to provide adequate insulation to your home. These gaps allow air to escape, increasing your utility bills with reduced internal temperature control.
  • Pest infestations: Gaps and cracks in your roofing can provide an entry point for pests such as rodents, insects, and birds. The added moisture infiltration also creates the perfect environment for these species to thrive.
  • Decreased Curb Appeal: Damaged shingles can detract from the appearance of your home, making it less attractive to potential buyers and neighbors walking by.

If you need asphalt shingle repairs, our crew can fix broken or curled shingles, fill in gaps, and ensure your roofing is functional and secure.

Asphalt Roof Replacements

If the roofing of your Chester Springs, PA, home has reached its average lifespan or endured damage during a storm, it may be time for a replacement.

The lifespan of an asphalt roof typically ranges from 15 to 30 years, depending on factors such as the quality of the shingles, the installation process, and the climate in your area.

Some advantages homeowners see when replacing their roofing include improved energy efficiency, increased home value, and enhanced protection.

When considering an asphalt roof replacement, working with a reputable contractor who can guide you through the process and offer the most affordable, efficient material options to give you the best results is essential.

During an asphalt roof replacement, our process follows these steps:

  • The Inspection: Before our team makes any changes, we have a highly-experienced inspector analyze your roofing and the various damages or wear and tear. They look at your flashing, gutter systems, shingles, and decking to identify rotting and other vulnerabilities. Then, they help us develop the most efficient repair and replacement plan for your roofing.
  • Removing Old Materials: After we have created a solid plan, our crew will remove all existing roof material so we have a clean slate to work with. While there are no shingles, we’ll assess the condition of the bare deck and make any necessary repairs to guarantee a secure layer of protection.
  • Applying New Shingles: Once we have safe decking, the team will install all the proper components, then install the new shingles flush against the surface.
  • Cleaning Up: When the team is completely done installing the new material, we will dispose of all debris and trash so the site looks clean and brand new.

How We Make Asphalt Roofing Projects Easy And Painless

We’ve worked on hundreds of Chester Springs, PA, homes and learned about the vulnerabilities of various clients. More often than not, asphalt roof replacements and repairs bring stress with financial uncertainty and product unawareness.

Our Best Contracting team can ensure that neither of these stops you from having a safe and happy home.

In-House Financing

Roofing projects can be expensive, and we have found a way to make them accessible to more Chester County residents.

With our in-house financing, you can apply in minutes on our website, or better yet ask our helpful representatives to work you through the process and get qualified right away. This easy form saves you hours of applying to various lenders and offers a simple solution with payment options tailored to your needs.

Reviews And Previous Work Examples

Countless contractors claim to have excellent craftsmanship, but only a few can back up these claims with testimonials and a stunning portfolio.

Our crew has spent the last decade completing projects in Pennsylvania and acquiring five-star reviews from past clients that rave about our customer-centric approach and attention to detail.

Pair this with our portfolio of versatile projects, and you can rest assured that we know the ins and outs of the roofing industry.

Licensing And Insurance

Anybody who works on your roof must have the proper licensing and insurance to guarantee adequate installation and peace of mind.

Some licensing boards that are common in Pennsylvania and nationally include the following:

  • National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)
  • Pennsylvania State Board of Contractors
  • Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
  • Pennsylvania State Licensing Board for General Contractors
  • Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Program
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • Pennsylvania Department of Professional and Occupational Affairs
  • Pennsylvania Construction Code Commission

Our crew has all their licensing and insurance, with years of experience and constantly updated training courses.

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