Residential Stucco Remediation

Residential Stucco Remediation

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If you need stucco remediation, chances are you searched for something like “who is the best residential stucco remediation company near me in Lancaster PA” when you went to Google (or your other favorite Search Engine).


Stucco is the more common name for Portland cement plaster.  It can be applied to the surfaces of different materials and was frequently used as an outdoor finish on homes.  It was a popular material used heavily in the early 20th century and up through the 80’s and 90’s because it created a tough and rigid exterior that was inexpensive, fire resistant and could be colored or fashioned to compliment many different architectural designs.  Stucco is a versatile material that can give a home a unique look when being applied by the right person with years of experience.

Sadly, there are many times where stucco has not lived up to its reputation.  Whether that is because it has simply been applied poorly to begin with, or issues arise from what is underneath, stucco can be a huge headache if it is not dealt with swiftly.



Stucco can have a variety of problems that range from small annoyances to difficulties that can cause massive amounts of damage and be very costly to repair.  Moisture is the biggest culprit of stucco homes and homes needing to be repaired.  Stucco is rather porous and moisture from being in a wet climate or snow can seep through the material.  Many people will look at a home that has stucco applied and see little to no issues when examining the exterior.

Upon inspection, the stucco will seem intact with no cracks or signs of damage and distress.  To the untrained eye, it looks as if everything is fine, which is the inherent dilemma with stucco.  If it is out of sight, it is out of mind.  When given enough time, the moisture that gets into and through the stucco can create complications.  It can start with staining around the bottom of windows and form minor cracks and fractures in the stucco and go as far as causing interior damage to walls and windows.


There are certain things to look out for should you be looking at buying a home with stucco or you already own one.  Some of them are easy to spot while others are difficult to distinguish.  Even when stucco is installed correctly by a trained and experienced professional, other factors may lead to stucco becoming damaged.  There are three signs of damage that you should be aware of when dealing with stucco.


Cracks are perhaps the most common problem when it comes to stucco.  Cracks in the stucco of a home obviously do not look good but they also could lead to structural damage.  In some cases, cracks in stucco arise from poor and improper installation.  Less common are the times that cracks are caused by a house settling or foundation being unsteady.  Since stucco is a rigid material, should a structure move even the slightest, stucco can crack or break.  If a stucco home is in a climate that has cold winters, cracks can form from moisture in the stucco freezing and expanding.  No matter what the cause of cracks in stucco, they should be assessed as soon as possible to determine if further damage is being done to the home.  If left untreated, cracks can go from hairline fractures to large unsightly breaks that will give way to more issues in the future.  Cracks can lead to issues like bugs or other small creatures having a point of entry into the home or even pieces of stucco falling off.


Blemishes and discoloration of your stucco may seem like a problem that only affects the aesthetic look of your stucco, but the problem could be much worse.  While stucco that is stained is not pretty to look at, the larger issue is that the discoloration could be a sign of mold.  The mold could have developed from moisture that has been hiding for a long period of time.  This mold can then cause issues with allergies, irritation, breathing and a host of other health-related complications.

Moisture Penetration 

Moisture getting into and through your stucco is one of the worst problems when dealing with stucco.  It is also one of the hardest to detect.  Since stucco might look ok on the outside, you might not know that you have an issue with excessive moisture until it is too late.  In addition to the mold discussed in the last point, the bigger threat with moisture is that it can lead to rot and deterioration of everything under the stucco.  Whether it be the framing of your home or the interior walls, moisture that has gone unchecked can wreak havoc when it is not taken care of properly.


With stucco being such a popular material for many years, there are now thousands of homes that need to be assessed for any current or potential damage.  Having the aid of an experienced stucco remediation professional that deals specifically with stucco is key.  Having a stucco inspection will allow you to prepare for your next steps in dealing with the problem, or knowing that your stucco was applied correctly and that there is nothing to worry about.

If you have completed an inspection and confirmed that there is an issue with your stucco, dealing with it immediately before additional damage can be done is recommended. Remediation is something that becomes a necessity when problematic stucco is found.  Stucco remediation fixes the underlying issue with stucco construction.  Removing the stucco from the structure is the first step.  This is necessary to fully determine how extensive any damage may be and to repair anything that may have been rotting underneath the stucco. 

Once all of the damage under the stucco has been repaired, the house would then be wrapped in a moisture barrier.  Alternative options to stucco would then be discussed to apply to your home.  There are many beautiful options now available, which include vinyl siding, wood siding, James Hardie cement siding, or composite siding, along with many trim details that greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

After a decision is made on what new material to use, it is installed and your remediation is complete!

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