Winter Roof and Gutter Maintenance

Maintaining the roof and gutters should be at the top of the list of preparations for winter. Chester County roofing companies are on hand to help you fix any problems or attend to any maintenance you haven’t gotten around to yet. Don’t wait for a deep freeze to cause problems. Get your winter roof and gutter maintenance done now.

Roof Inspection

Take a look at the roof. Are there any missing shingles? Any dark spots? If you have any reason to think there’s a problem, deal with it now before the weather gets worse. Have a professional roofer like Best Contracting do a roof inspection to make sure the roof is in good condition for winter.

Repairing Leaks

The roof inspection may turn up problems. Check the attic for water stains or wet spots. Best Contracting will repair any roof leaks so you have no worries all winter. Also check the attic for gaps in insulation. These can cause hot spots on the roof. Snow melts at these spots, flows down and refreezes, causing ice dams. Avoid roof damage. Add insulation where needed.

Cleaning Gutters

When fall comes, it’s more than likely your gutters will fill with leaves. If you don’t remove the leaves, they will form a solid mass that clogs the gutters. Ice and snow on the roof that melts in the sun will flow down and collect at the clogged gutters. Have a professional clear debris from gutters so they are unclogged and provide the proper drainage when snow starts to melt.

Installing Gutter Guards

Climbing a ladder and cleaning the gutters every year is messy and risky. Have a Chester county roofing company like Best Contracting install gutter guards so you never have to worry about clogged gutters again. The guards will keep debris out of the gutters and prevent animals and birds from building nests there.

Cutting Trees

This winter may bring one or two heavy snowfalls or ice storms that cause branches and trees to fall. High winds can also bring down trees. Cut any tree branches that may fall on your roof and cause damage. If the branches are hard to reach or it looks like an entire tree might fall, call in an expert. Tree work is dangerous.

Best Contracting is one of the best roofing companies in Chester County. You can count on us to get your roof ready for winter!

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