Winter Roof Damage: What to Look Out for When Winter Is Over

Once winter or a heavy storm is over, you should review your home for any signs of problems. Regarding the roof, it is essential to ensure snow and ice didn’t cause any damage. If it did, you need to fix it immediately before it grows into a more significant issue. A small crack can quickly lead to water damage if not repaired.

Here are a few aspects to consider when evaluating if you have winter roof damage.

Shingle Damage

The most obvious sign of winter roof damage is to evaluate the exterior. Issues with roof shingles can lead to a host of other issues, including water leaks, mold, and more. You can ask roofing contractors to inspect your roof for you, but you may be able to safely evaluate your roof shingles yourself.

You’ll want to look for broken or missing shingles during your roofing inspection. You will also need to evaluate if your shingles have lost any granules. If there is extensive granule loss, you have roof damage.

Moss and Algae

During the roofing inspection, you should also look for moss or algae growing on the shingles or within the structures. It often looks like dark discoloration spots across the shingles.

Moss can cause issues like mold and bacterial growth. But it can also cause shingles to curl or separate from the roof. Meanwhile, algae can compromise the visual appearance of your roof surface.

If you spot signs of moss and algae growth, you need to have it removed and possibly replace parts of your roof if it is damaged.

Roofing Components Damage

Don’t forget to evaluate other parts of your roof during your inspection. Remember to check:

  • Flashing
  • Gutters (including the downspouts)
  • Chimney

See if any roofing components have suffered any damage or lost integrity. Ice dams and icicles can sometimes cause damage to gutters, so you’ll want to see if it caused water leaks or structural issues.

Water Leaks

After inspecting for any signs of exterior damage, you should also evaluate the interior part of your roof. This involves a trip to the attic. Look for signs of a water leak or condensation and then trace its source.

Heavy snow can cause damage, even when it melts. If something blocks the ability of water to move off your roof (like debris in gutters), it can start to pool. Then it can start to seep into your roof and through the attic.

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