Will Your Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Will Your Insurance Policy Cover Storm
Damage Restoration For Your
Kennett Square, PA Home?

Your Guide To Storm-Related
Insurance Claims

When a storm rolls into our area, the number one thought on many homeowners’ minds is whether or not their insurance will pay for any necessary storm damage restoration services in Kennett Square, PA.

Storms, whether it’s rain, hail, or snow, can wreak havoc on your property and immediately cause stress. Not a lot of people budget for the unexpected, and many rely on their insurance coverage to take care of any necessary storm damage repairs.

Sometimes, everything works out, and insurance covers everything. But other times, they may not be as reliable. There are a wide range of things that impact whether your insurance pays on a claim or not.

Find out more about what can determine if you get insurance coverage so you can be prepared for the next storm that comes to the Chester County area.

Maintenance Means More Than You Think When
Applying For Storm-Related Insurance Claims

When was the last time you had your roof inspected or made any repairs? If you can’t think of the answer, then you may be putting your home at risk.

Regular inspections and maintenance are not only vital for increasing your roof’s durability and ensuring it lasts for decades, but it is also imperative to ensure that you get storm damage coverage from your insurance.

Some insurance companies take previous maintenance into account when they are deciding whether or not to support your claim. If your roof hasn’t been inspected or repaired in years, then they may see storm damage as a result of improper maintenance rather than the storm itself.

While some may not deny your claim completely, they could be less inclined to cover the full expense of your emergency storm damage repair. So, make sure your roof is always prepared for a storm and complete regular maintenance.

Make Sure Everything Is Properly Installed Before
You need Storm Damage Repair Services

Just like proper maintenance is taken into account during storm-related insurance claims, so is proper installation.

Improper installation of your siding or roofing can serve as a big red flag for insurance providers. Have you been considering DIYing your home improvement projects? You might want to reconsider.

A lot of insurance providers won’t cover storm damage repair services for products that were not installed by trusted professionals. Why? Because proper installation is an incredibly important aspect of durability.

If something wasn’t installed correctly, then it is far more likely to be damaged when a storm comes to Kennett Square, PA. Do you want to make sure that your home storm restoration services are covered? Trust a reliable company like Best Contracting to install your home’s products.

We use the most durable products on the market and guarantee a flawless installation every single time.

Documenting The Damage With A
Storm Restoration Company

Believe it or not, a lot of homeowners can miss out on their storm damage restoration services being covered by their insurance because they didn’t document or report the damage properly.

We understand that the moments after a storm can be stressful, but it’s important that you don’t waste any time before documenting the damage. Neglecting to take pictures of the areas impacted or promptly reporting the damage to your insurance company can impact whether your claim gets fulfilled or not.

Waiting to report storm damage can prompt your insurance company to deny the claim or make you jump through far more hoops to get it approved.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this process alone. After a storm, one of the first things you should do is call Best Contracting.

We will assess your home and document the damage thoroughly. After that, we can work with your insurance company. We’re extremely experienced at working with insurance companies and will advocate for you through each stage of the process.

You can rest assured that when you come to Best Contracting, you’re in the best hands. We put your needs first every time.

Does your Kennett Square, PA home need storm damage restoration services? Get in touch with Best Contracting to get your complimentary inspection today.

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