Why Our Warranty Is Truly Superior

The Best Material And Labor
Warranty In The Business

With BEST Contracting, You
Won’t Pay For Mistakes

At BEST Contracting, we stand behind our work. If you have issues with materials or labor after installation, you shouldn’t have to flip the bill to fix them – and you won’t have to.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many Lancaster County roofing companies offer vague, non-specific material and labor warranties, and then they often fail to honor the warranty when you call with concerns.

There are often loopholes. Fine print. And unbroken promises.

We make sure this NEVER happens to you. We provide the best manufacturer warranties in the industry and pair them with a rock-solid 10-year labor warranty you can trust.

We Offer Unbeatable Manufacturer Warranties, Including
GAF’s Industry-Leading Golden Pledge Warranty

We believe in honoring our work. More than that, we partner with manufacturers who also stand behind their materials 100%. If a manufacturer comes with a shoddy warranty, we won’t use them.

For instance, you may have heard of GAF Roofing – the leading roofing manufacturer in the country. But did you know that not all GAF installers offer the same warranty?

You see, there are different certifications – GAF Authorized, Certified, and Master Elite. Each comes with a unique warranty. The indisputable best warranty is the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, which is available only to the 2% of roofers who qualify for Master Elite status.

At BEST Contracting, we’re one of the only GAF Master Elite installers in the area, and we provide our customers with their 50-year, non-prorated Golden Pledge Warranty. This ensures your roof materials are reliably covered for 50 years if you choose a GAF roof from BEST contracting!

A Labor Warranty That’ll Last For Decades

The material warranty is great, but what about labor?

First and foremost, the chance you’ll have any issues with your roof or siding after installation is close to zero.

We focus on every small detail and ensure a meticulous and pristine installation. Not only that, but we go over everything with a fine-tooth comb during the inspection process.

With that said, if we make a mistake with your installation, you’re covered for a decade at the very least. We offer a labor warranty that covers you from any mishaps on our part. More than that, many of our manufacturer warranties also cover workmanship for 10+ years.

And we’re very easy to find – we’re from Lancaster County.

We were born in the area.

We live in the area.

And our office is in the area.

We never fail to honor a warranty. In many cases, we’ll come right out within a couple of business days and fix your concern on the spot.

Our Accountability Sets Our Warrant Apart

Extensive material and labor warranties should be the industry standard – unfortunately, they are not.

You see, we believe in hard work and accountability. We’re self-accountable and more than willing to fix rare mistakes. And your iron-clad warranty ENSURES that we’re 100% obligated to come back out quickly to fix your concern.

Now, sure, some roofing and siding companies in the area do an excellent job with warranty coverage. But they often charge two to three times what we charge.

In other words, they build their warranty costs into your estimate. So, in a way, you’re paying for them to come back out if you have issues with materials or labor.

With BEST Contracting, you pay affordable prices and receive real warranty coverage. We fix mistakes for FREE – there are no loopholes or fine print.

Are you searching for a roof and siding company in Lancaster County that offers a warranty you can trust? If so, contact our BEST Contracting team today to schedule your roof inspection.

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