Why It’s Important to Choose a Certified Roofing Contractor

A roof acts as a protective shield over your home or business.  It is important to properly maintain your roof to avoid leaks, mold and potential structural issues.  When it comes to selecting a reliable roofing contractor to replace your roof, it’s important to do your research on the history of their roofing business.  Unfortunately, the roofing profession is referred to as an “unregulated industry” – meaning no trade school, set number of courses, certificates or prior experience are needed to open a roofing business.  With this being the case, some roofing companies consist of inexperienced workers who are not trained or skilled in such an important trade. 

To give you peace of mind and know that your new roof investment is a good one, it is important to find a roofing contractor that is trustworthy, reliable and most importantly – certified.

Luckily for you, there is a highly-qualified and dependable siding and roofing contractor right here in the Lancaster, PA region that you can trust – Best Contracting.  We specialize in a variety of types of residential siding and roofing.  In addition, we focus on different types of commercial roofing, including metal roofing, EPDM rubber roofing and asphalt roofing.  Here at Best Contracting, we pride ourselves on our various certifications, the quality materials we use and our dedicated team of workers. 

What it Means to be GAF Master Elite Certified

Roofing material manufacturers began realizing the lack of formal roof installation training required and decided to do something about it.  Some of the most reputable manufacturers developed factory certified training programs to help consumers find a way to distinguish quality roofing contractors from the knock-offs.  Through these trainings, roofing contractors need to meet specific credentials, be approved and then upon passing the rigorous standards set forth by the manufacturer, they are awarded a factory certified installers certificate.  Such a certificate not only validates the roofing contractor’s business, but also shows their dedication to the profession.

GAF Master Elite® Certification is so prestigious in the roofing world that only 2% of roofing contractors earn this high qualification.  GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in all of North America, was founded in 1886.  Their factory certification program provides ongoing training to roofing contractors and assurance to customers like you that your roof installation will be completed using the highest standard materials and methods.  Choosing a GAF Master Elite® contractor is your assurance that you’ll be dealing with a quality, professional and dependable contractor. 

Why Choose Best Contracting?

Why not call on true professionals to install a residential roof that will protect your home and family or a commercial roof that will guard your business and workers?   Here at Best Contracting, we are not only factory certified, but we are also a qualified GAF Master Elite® Contractor.  This highest credential allows us to offer all of the GAF enhanced warranty options to our customers.  Read more about all of our qualifications and the top-notch materials we use here. 

Please contact Best Contracting at (717) 283-4524 or via our website to learn more about our highly qualified roofing contracting team and what we have to offer residents and businesses in Lancaster County, PA.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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