Where Can I Find Samples Of Different Roof Types In Glen Mills?

The Try Before You Buy Method Of Asphalt
Shingle Roofing In Delaware County

Are you considering an asphalt roof replacement or asphalt roof installation in Glen Mills? Want to “try before you buy?” Read on to find out how.

We live in a “try before you buy” world. Everything from video games to cosmetics now comes with a “free trial period” or a way to test a product before you commit to the price. People rarely want to spend money on something that they haven’t tried.

Even items not feasible for trial periods can be touched and seen before you sign the dotted line. You can go to a house showing, test drive a car, and try on clothes. You can even sample new foods in some markets.

Many sellers have found ways for you to touch, see, smell, taste, or even try out their offerings. But sampling the roof of a home? Touching the texture, seeing the colors up close, and getting a clear view of what it would look like on your house? That’s impossible. 

Or is it?

Let’s face it: Replacing your roof isn’t cheap! So it’s reasonable if you want to see – and touch– actual physical samples of different types of roofing, such as asphalt shingle roofing, before you choose the roof for your Glen Mills home. After all, not all roofing shingles are created equal.

With that in mind, here are three ways to “try before you buy” a new roof.


1. Request Asphalt Roofing Or Other Samples
During An Estimate In Glen Mills

Most asphalt shingle roofing contractors have sample books with authentic shingles inside. You can see the actual color and feel the material. Do you want to know how thick the asphalt roofing shingle will be? Or maybe you have a siding or paint sample you’d like to bring for a side-by-side comparison.

At Best Contracting, for example, we bring a shingle sample book to every meeting. That way, our customers can sample exactly what they are buying before they plan their asphalt shingle roof repair or asphalt roof replacement.

Want to see some of your choices before we come? Keep reading. We will show you the easiest way.

2. Visit A Big-Box Asphalt Shingle Roof
Store In The Delaware County Area

Believe it or not, you can find premium-quality roofing brands in certain big-box stores. For example, some lines of GAF shingles are available at home-improvement stores. Visiting one of these stores is a solid way to sample some shingles.

Of course, there are a couple of drawbacks to this idea. First, not all shingle lines are available in stores, so your choices will be much more limited.

Secondly, it’s much better getting to see and discuss the samples with a reputable roofing contractor than just looking them over in a store all by yourself. 

A Best Contracting professional can share information about each type of shingle that will help you decide which best fits your home’s needs.

3: Use An Online Roof Visualizer Before
Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Install

Some roofing manufacturers – such as GAF – let you explore their shingle catalog with online visualizers. Sure, you can’t actually touch the shingles. But you can upload a photo of your home and play around with different roofing styles and materials.

Of course, we use both GAF architectural shingles and CertainTeed architectural shingles at Best Contracting. This means you can go to the GAF website, pick out the shingles that match your taste and style, and then give us a call. 

Then you get to touch and see the shingles you chose on the website! Incredible, right?!

Try Before You Buy Asphalt Roofing With Best Contracting

Once you’ve been to the GAF website and decided on a look that is perfect for your family’s home, pick up the phone and call Best Contracting. We will be happy to send a professional roofing contractor out to your home to bring samples of your choices.

This experienced roofer can review all of the facts about the shingles you’ve chosen and help you decide which ones best suit the needs of your Glen Mills home. Just call it the “try before you buy” roofing method! Call today to touch and see samples during your free quote!

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