What Impacts Siding Installation?

Factors That Impact Your Vinyl Siding
Installation In Ephrata, Pennsylvania

How To Create A Seamless Vinyl
Siding Installation Experience

There are a lot of ways that installing vinyl siding in Ephrata can be impacted. From the team you hire to the style of your home, vinyl siding installation is susceptible to changes, just like any other home project.

Best Contracting is the top vinyl siding contractor in Lancaster County. We work hard to deliver the best quality services to the communities of Pennsylvania. During our many vinyl siding projects, we’ve learned what affects the installation process.

Square Footage Of Your Vinyl House Siding

The size of your house affects the price and time estimate for your installation. The calculations for siding are not the same as the calculations for flooring. If you have tall vaulted ceilings, chances are you need more siding than you would if you had a flat roof.

That’s why the calculations for square footage should be for your siding, not the official square footage of your home. One 2000 sqft house may have a lower price estimate for siding than another of the same size.

Which Product The Siding Replacement
Company Uses In Lancaster County

The brand of siding you install greatly affects the installation process. Low-quality siding takes longer to install and doesn’t look as good when you’re done. Flimsy vinyl siding that cracks and is difficult to secure to the house is far different than a product like CertainTeed.

CertainTeed is the best siding, as it’s the top-selling vinyl siding in the world. The team that installs this siding matters, but choosing a brand like CertainTeed wins nearly half the battle.

Style Of Vinyl Siding You Choose

The style of siding you choose affects the price and the way it is installed. CedarBoards, monogram, and dutchlap all install a little differently. Though the pricing and time estimates aren’t huge, the process is affected. Some may be installed in panels, others in planks, and others in smaller pieces.

Your Landscaping May Hamper
A Vinyl Siding Installation

Landscaping doesn’t need to be removed before you install vinyl siding, but it does affect installation. It’s good practice to remove anything that you can, such as stones and lawn ornaments.

The best contractors try hard not to disrupt your landscaping, but doing what you can makes things even easier. It’s also a good idea to mow beforehand and trim anything that may get in the way. This will speed up the process and reduce the chance of damage to your lawn.

Complex Windows And Doors Require
Expert Vinyl Siding Installers

Lots of doors and oddly-shaped windows may require a little more time to work around. It can be done with the same quality as a simple design, but it requires an expert hand. Small pieces fit together seamlessly with quality service and products.

The State Of Your Old Vinyl Siding

Old siding needs to be removed before new siding is installed. If the old siding is melted, secured with too many nails, or warped, it may affect the siding installation process. Even the best old siding needs to be carefully removed so it doesn’t damage the walls behind it.

The State Of The Wall Under The Vinyl Siding

Rot, mold, and infestations may slow down the process of a vinyl siding installation. Sometimes, the area just needs to be cleaned, while other times, pieces of your wall need to be replaced before a siding installation can begin.

If this is the case, you need to hire the proper contractor for the job. This may be pest control or a siding contractor that specializes in damage repair.

Experience Of The Vinyl Siding
Installers In Ephrata

Your vinyl siding team’s expertise directly affects the cost, time estimate, and quality of work for your installation. For best results, ensure that your team has the proper credentials for the job – whether this means inspectors or installers. Your contractor should have a team of professionals for the job because that’s half of what you’re paying for.

Best Contracting offers residential and commercial roofing, siding, and seamless gutters. If you want to update your home with vinyl siding in Ephrata, call Best Contracting today for a free quote.

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