What do you need to know before choosing gutter guards? Best Contracting has the answers for you!

Everything You Need To Know When Choosing
Gutter Guards For Your Wayne, PA Home

Protect Your Home From Clogged Gutters With
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When choosing the right gutter guards for your home, it’s normal to have many questions. How long do they last? How do you maintain gutter guards? Are all gutter guards created equally?

Fortunately for you, Best Contracting has the answers. For the best gutter guards in Wayne, PA, turn to Best Contracting – Pennsylvania’s most trusted contractor.

We highly recommend the Gutter Guard RX gutter guard system, which utilizes a patented design to custom-fit your gutters, leaving no space for leaves, twigs, or any other debris to squeeze into. Made of 98% recycled aluminum and 100% made in the USA, Gutter Guard RX gutter guards are attractive, low-maintenance, and built to last.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important things to look for when choosing a gutter guard system.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards, simply put, are a shield placed over gutters to keep out leaves, twigs, and even small animals that may have made their homes in your messy gutters! Clogged gutters make your home susceptible to water damage, given that rainwater has nowhere to flow if the gutters are clogged.

What Material Are Gutter Guards Made Of?

Most gutter guard systems are constructed of vinyl, PVC, or metal – specifically powder-coated steel wire or aluminum. Our Gutter Guard RX systems use 98% recycled aluminum and fit snugly and discreetly onto your gutters so they aren’t visible from the ground.

Vinyl And PVC Gutter Guards

Vinyl and PVC gutter guards are generally less expensive than metal versions, and many are durable enough to last more than a season. Many are designed for easy installation, meaning many Wayne, PA homeowners could install their own gutter guards without much issue.

The downsides of vinyl and PVC gutter guards are that they’re not as durable as metal variations and can break down, becoming brittle when exposed to the elements. This is particularly problematic because gutter guards are difficult to see from the ground.

Homeowners might not notice that their gutter guards have broken down until their gutters have become clogged – by that time, water damage may have already started to wreak havoc on their roofs.

Aluminum Or Steel Gutter Guards

Metal is far more durable than vinyl and PVC. This is good news for Delaware County homeowners, as their gutter guards will hold up easily against these harsh Pennsylvania winters.

The downsides of metal gutter guards are that they’re usually more expensive than vinyl or PVC gutter guards and aren’t easy to install by yourself.

However, with professional installation and proper maintenance, they will last for much longer than alternative materials.

Gutter Screens Or Gutter Helmets: Which Is Better?

There are two main types of gutter guards: gutter screens and gutter helmets. Both fit onto your gutters with relative discretion, but there are some fundamental differences.

Gutter Screens

As the name suggests, gutter screens are mesh screens made of powder-coated steel wire, aluminum wire, vinyl, or PVC mesh.

The upside to gutter screens is that they’re easier and usually quicker to install. There are also more brand options, giving you more variety regarding brand and cost. The mesh blocks many larger pieces of debris, such as pine cones, leaves, and twigs, from getting inside your gutters.

Unfortunately, mesh gutter screens aren’t very efficient at keeping out smaller pieces of debris that can quickly build up and cause clogging. Pine needles, small pieces of bark, and maple seed pods can slip between the mesh screen and clog your gutters. They don’t fit as snugly against the sides of your gutters, meaning that the screens can easily become dislodged.

Gutter Helmets

Gutter helmets are solid, inflexible pieces that fit onto your gutters. They are generally aluminum, like our Gutter Guard RX systems, with holes small enough to allow water to get through only.

Gutter helmets come with a ribbed design that encourages airflow, so dry debris that lands on top (like leaves or pine needles) can easily float away.

Gutter helmets are more challenging to install, meaning you should only trust the professionals with your gutter helmet installation.

Gutter helmets also need to be installed up under your shingles and down over your gutters. However, if you have a newer roof system, this may void any manufacturer warranties that you may have as it gets installed between the shingles and the starter course.

Can I DIY My Gutter Guard Installation?

While gutter screens are often touted as DIY-friendly, the fact is that climbing onto your roof without being a trained professional is a dangerous task.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that between 300 – 400 fatal falls from rooftops occur each year, and that’s just among construction workers. The number is far higher for non-professionals.

Our gutter installation crews at Best Contracting are licensed and prioritize safety, allowing you the peace of mind that only comes from hiring the best.

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Are you thinking about installing gutter guards on your Delaware County home but aren’t sure where to start? Our experts at Best Contracting have you covered.

We offer a free, no-obligation gutter inspection and an honest, straightforward sales experience free of gimmicks and high-pressure sales tactics. We leave that nonsense to our competitors.

We offer many colors, styles, and choices of seamless gutters and gutter guards to choose from, leaving you to enjoy your maintenance-free gutters for years to come.

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