What Causes Gutter Damage?

What Damages Gutters In Exton, PA And
How Can Seamless Gutters Help?

Installing Seamless Gutters May Be
The Answer You’re Looking For

Seamless gutters in Exton, PA are the perfect solution to most gutter issues. Traditional gutters have seams, making them weaker than the more innovative seamless system. That’s why seamless gutters are the future of gutters in Pennsylvania.

Best Contracting installs seamless gutters to replace damaged gutters that may be causing you issues. We believe in these seamless systems’ strength and long-lasting power, so we use them exclusively.

Debris Pileup May Cause A Gutter System
To Fall Apart At The Seams – Literally

One of the most common issues with regular gutters is that they have seams. These weak seams eventually fall apart, creating a messy and dangerous problem.

Seamless gutters are just that—seamless, so they have fewer weak spots. Instead, they are solid pieces of aluminum spread across each end of your home, so you don’t have to worry about your gutters falling apart at the seams.

The Traditional Type Of Gutter Has Weak Hardware

Seamed or traditional gutters require a lot of hardware to hold them together. The areas with extra screws are prone to leaks due to the additional holes, weakening the hardware. Over time, the screws wiggle around and loosen, granting water access to the screw holes.

Seamless gutters are secured with brackets that don’t require dozens of holes in the gutter system, making them much less likely to leak. The brackets are hidden, too, so you can’t see them from the ground.

An Improper Slope May Cause The Gutter System To Sag

A gutter system should be sloped to a specific degree. Sometimes, a gutter installation team may neglect the proper slope, or the gutter system wears down over time and loses its slope as it sags under the weight of debris.

A seamless gutter system does a much better job keeping its slope because it’s all in one piece for each side of your house. However, it’s still crucial that your seamless gutters are installed by a professional contractor you trust.

Birds And Pests Love Unprotected
Gutters In Chester County

Birds tend to build up nests in the crevices of gutters. Other pests like squirrels and insects are prone to finding their way into your gutter system.

The best way to combat this issue is to get a gutter guard for your seamless gutters. These guards work exceptionally well with seamless gutters because most are made for this system. The gutters also won’t sag under the guard’s weight like sectional gutters may.

Intense Weather Greatly Affects
Traditional Gutters In Exton, PA

Wind and hail are particularly harmful to traditional gutter systems. The wind, snow, and ice pull on the brackets and sections of the gutters, threatening to pull them off the house. Hail beats down on the gutters and may even knock weakly secured gutters down.

Though no gutter system is immune to strong weather, seamless gutter systems do a great job of staying in place. If a professional correctly installs them, they’ll remain in place exceptionally well.

Clogs Are A Gutter System’s Worst Nightmare

Clogs are likely the most common cause of gutter damage. They may build up over time or after a storm. These clogs may cause leaks, overflows, or even cause your gutters to fall.

Seamless gutters handle debris better than traditional gutters, but a gutter protection system is the best way to prevent clogs. Gutter guards prevent clogs completely and eliminate the need for seasonal maintenance.

Best Contracting offers the most exceptional seamless gutter installations in Exton, PA. We help address your gutter issues and prevent future problems with our gutters and gutter protection systems. For more info, call us today at (717) 283-4524 for a free quote.

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