Vertical Or Horizontal? Vinyl Siding Options In Lancaster, PA

Choosing The Best Vinyl
Siding For Your Home

Vinyl siding in Lancaster, PA is one of the most durable, low-maintenance options for the exterior of your home. It comes in a variety of color and style options and adds beautiful curb appeal.

When deciding on the kind of vinyl siding to install in your home, you might also want to consider whether you want vertical siding or horizontal siding.

Vertically or horizontally installed siding creates two very different styles, but both will give your home’s exterior a clean and classic look that lasts decades.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

No matter how you choose to install it, vertically or horizontally, vinyl siding has several benefits. The first benefit is that it is durable. It won’t warp or dent easily like other siding materials. Vinyl siding typically lasts for 30-40 years, even beyond, if taken care of properly.

Vinyl siding is low-maintenance. It is easy to take care of and usually requires a simple detergent and water cleaning twice a year. It never requires painting and any repairs are easily made.

Vinyl siding is also very cost-effective, costing less than many higher maintenance options on the market.

There are a variety of color and style options, offering a highly customizable and distinctive look for your home. Color choice is very important, but so is layout, and it is often overlooked. So, how do you choose the layout that is right for your home?  It helps to know the differences between the two.

Horizontal Vinyl Siding Gives A Traditional Look

One of the first decisions to make when planning your vinyl siding installation is whether to install it horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal siding is the more popular choice. It creates a traditional look and has universal appeal. Wooden slats have been used in houses for centuries and were installed horizontally. Horizontal vinyl siding recreates this look using a lower-maintenance material. This contributes to its traditional, historic appearance.

Horizontal siding is also slightly easier to install and can also be just a little more cost-effective. If you want to give your home wide appeal for resale or prefer a classic look, consider installing your vinyl siding horizontally.

Vertical Vinyl Siding Creates A Contemporary Feel

Installing your vinyl siding vertically is a bold choice. It usually creates a more modern, contemporary feel. But it can also be used to create a rustic, farmhouse feel as well. Vertical siding can also make your house appear taller.

Vertical siding slats are typically wider, this creates the clean lines that give that modern feel. An advantage to the wider, up-and-down slats is that they can also be easier to clean than horizontal siding.

The slats run in an up/down pattern instead of side to side, so water flows directly downward, rinsing dust and dirt more easily. This may be a consideration if your house is under trees or if you live in a high-pollen area, as it may make maintenance easier.

Consider installing your siding vertically if you want a unique and contemporary feel.

Mix Horizontal and Vertical Vinyl
Siding For a Distinctive Style

Yet another option is to mix both styles of vinyl house siding. Mixing siding styles can visually highlight features or different areas of the home.

One option is using horizontal siding for most of the house while accenting some architectural features, such as a gable, with vertical siding. Another is to highlight a smaller area of the home that might be built out with vertical siding and do the rest of the house in horizontal siding.

Making the Decision: Vertical
Or Horizontal Vinyl Siding

Now that you know the differences between the two, when deciding to hang your vinyl siding vertically or horizontally, it helps first to evaluate what look you prefer for your home – traditional or modern.

Then you may also consider other factors like the look of other houses in your neighborhood, where your house is located, and ease of maintenance. No matter what style you choose, you will still get all of the benefits of vinyl siding: durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

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