Top Signs That Your Shingle Roof Needs
Replacing In Lancaster, PA

Everything You Need To Know About Assessing
Your Home’s Roof

The health and integrity of your Lancaster, PA, roof is crucial to your safety. But knowing when a replacement roof is the best course of action can be a bit tricky. Here at Best Contracting, we want our customers to feel confident and comfortable in their choice. That means sharing our insider knowledge and tips so you’ll know when to replace your roof. 

From the age of your roof to the condition of its shingles, various warning signs can point to the need for a replacement. Paying attention to these indicators is essential because your roof has to function properly to protect your interior home from the elements. 

This article will discuss some of the most common signs that mean it’s time to replace your shingle roof. 

Replacing A Shingle Roof In Lancaster, PA

Signs Of Shingle Damage  

The first step to deciding whether or not you should start a roofing project is to look at the condition of your current shingles. There are a few different things you should check. 

Cracked, Curled, Or Missing Shingles  

Cracked, curled, or missing shingles are telltale signs that you need to replace your roof. 

When shingles become cracked, the gaps may grow bigger – until your residential asphalt roofing can’t keep water, hail, or snow out of your home. 

Curled or missing shingles occur when the roof of your Lancaster County home has suffered from the elements for an extended time and the shingles have started to deteriorate. 

Not only will this decrease the lifespan of your roof, but it will also cause the roof to be ineffective at keeping the elements out of your home, resulting in water and air leaks, not to mention the mold growth that can happen from the moisture inside the interior.  

Replacing the roof will ensure your home is safe, protected, and free from damage caused by harsh weather conditions and temperature. 

Visible Signs Of Water Damage  

Visible signs of water damage indicate that you should replace your shingle roofing sooner than later. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, signs may include:

  • Water stains or discoloration on walls and ceilings
  • The presence of mold or mildew
  • Rotting wood
  • A foul odor in the home

Sometimes, water may even leak into your Lancaster, PA, home and soak into your carpet. 

If these signs are present, it’s likely that your roof is not functioning optimally, and a replacement is necessary to protect your home and to maintain a visually appealing appearance. 

Moss Or Algae Growth  

The presence of moss and algae can indicate moisture and humidity in your roofing system, leading to decay and damage. 

In addition, moss and algae growth can cause the shingles to become less effective in blocking sunlight and increase the possibility of brittle and breaking material. 

These organisms usually only thrive on older, decaying surfaces, which may mean your roof is getting too old.  

If you see signs of moss or algae growth, having a professional examine your roof and determine if you need to replace it is a good idea.

Sagging Roof  

A sagging roof is a sign that your residential asphalt roofing is nearing the end of its lifespan, and you may need to replace it. 

Sagging roofing can happen due to several factors, including age, weathering, and improper installation. Signs of a sagging roof can include visible dips, bulges, and sags in the ceiling. 

Also, this sign of deterioration can cause water pooling on the top of your Lancaster, PA, home, which leads to further damage to your roofing system and its capabilities. 

Other Factors To Consider  

While signs of damage are an essential thing to look for, it’s also important to consider a few other factors. 

The Age Of The Roof  

Most roofing systems are designed to last 20 to 30 years, with a few having greater longevity due to their materials. 

If your roof is nearing or has surpassed this age, it is likely time to replace it. You’ll start noticing more signs of damage as your roofing gets older. Regular inspections can help you know when the material is too deteriorated to perform correctly and protect your Lancaster County home. 


Different temperatures and weather conditions will affect the state of your roof. 

The climate in Lancaster, PA, is quite humid and hot during the summer and cold and snowy during the winter. 

These extreme weather conditions can lead to the need for a roof replacement. The intense heat of the summer months can cause the shingles to expand, contract, and degrade over time, leading to cracks, leaks, and other damage. 

During winter, the cold temperatures can cause the shingles to become brittle and break off more easily.

It’s good to remember this when analyzing the condition of your residential asphalt roofing. 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional
To Inspect Your Roof

Some signs of damage can be harder to see than others, and it’s always a good idea to have a trained eye analyze your roofing and offer guidance for your Lancaster, PA, home. 

Questions You Should Ask The Inspector  

Here are a few questions you should always ask the inspector when he’s looking at your residential asphalt roofing: 

  • How much experience do you have in roof inspection and repair? 
  • What type of roofing material do you recommend for this particular roof?
  • What is the expected life span of the roofing material used?
  • Are there any visible signs of roof damage? 
  • Are there any areas of the roof that need immediate attention
  • Are there any signs of water damage
  • Are there any signs of pests or animals on or around the roof? 
  • What is the estimated cost of replacing the roof? 
  • Are there any potential safety hazards associated with the roof inspection or repair?

If You Need Your Shingle Roofing
Replaced In Lancaster, PA, Our Team Of Experts Can Help

Replacing a roof isn’t a small project; you should rest easy knowing you have a team of experts to do the job. At Best Contracting, we have years of experience in the roofing industry and have completed many projects. 

Our rave reviews prove that we are precise and pay critical attention to detail while helping you keep your home safe and protected. 

If you need a roof replacement in Lancaster County, call us today at (717) 283–4524, and we’ll give you results you’ll be happy with for years. 

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