Timeline Of Vinyl Siding Installation

Timeline Of A Vinyl Siding
Installation In Ephrata

What To Expect From Your
Vinyl Siding Replacement

Installing vinyl siding in Ephrata requires a set of steps to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process. The quality of the steps depends on the contractor you hire, but the process is generally the same.

Best Contracting offers quality vinyl siding services and makes it a point to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. We take the steps of a vinyl siding installation seriously, ensuring residents of Lancaster County are left with a seamless installation they can be proud of.

Vinyl Siding Consultation
In Lancaster County

The first step in the process of installing residential vinyl siding is a consultation. The consultation includes a walkthrough of the exterior of your house. You will also receive both a time estimate and a cost estimate for your siding installation.

The consultation comes with a design stage that helps you plan the design. Best Contracting includes a 3D view of your house via an application that lets you know what your house will look like with the siding you have in mind.

Planning Your Vinyl Siding Project

This is the official planning stage after consultation. Once you know exactly what your siding will look like and agree that’s what you want, we can get started. During this stage, we plan everything down to the wire. We will take measurements to calculate how much siding you need and ensure that everything is taken into account before installation day.

Vinyl Siding Installers Remove
Old Siding And Make Repairs

The official installation process can’t begin until your contractor removes your old siding. This doesn’t take too long, but it can be quite revealing. Your house may need repairs. If they’re minor, we can take care of them. But if there’s a serious issue, you may need to address it before the installation begins.

A New Vinyl Siding Sheathing
May Be Necessary

The condition of your old sheathing may be great, but other times, it needs to be replaced. A smooth, solid sheathing needs to be in place directly before the siding is attached to the house. This provides a flat, sturdy surface that acts as a moisture barrier and extra layer of protection. In some cases, CDX plywood is used rather than the classic OSB sheathing.

Time To Begin Replacing Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding is installed starting at the bottom. The installation team works their way up from there, going around windows and doors until they reach the top of the house. There may be a small gap that will be covered with trim. The trim will go around corners, the top, the bottom, and on some seams.

Paint/Stain Your Vinyl Siding

While most vinyl siding is pre-stained or painted, or better yet, made with the color of the material you want, others need to be painted afterward. The reason pre-painted/stained siding is superior is because it is lower maintenance as it is factory-treated, so it doesn’t need to be repainted – ever. But if you choose a siding that needs to be painted or stained after installation, expect additional days dedicated to that.

Vinyl Siding Installers Clean
Up Your Property

Vinyl siding crews usually clean your property before they leave. They will take care of any mess they left and ensure your property looks just as good – or better – than when they arrived. Great vinyl siding installation teams do their best to keep your yard in good condition throughout the process, making cleaning up a cinch.

Final Walkthrough/Inspection From Vinyl
Siding Replacement Company

Once everything is clean, a final inspection begins. This happens with a certified siding installer and the homeowner. You have a chance to inspect the siding yourself with the expert. The contractor will look at every detail, leaving no stone unturned, and be available for any questions you may have.

Best Contracting goes above and beyond during each stage of the vinyl siding installation timeline. If you’re looking for the best vinyl siding in Ephrata, call Best Contracting today at (717) 283-4524 for a free quote.

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