The Roof He Didn’t Know He Wanted

We Provided A Painless Roof Replacement
EXACTLY When This Homeowner Needed It

Nobody WANTS To Have To Replace Their Roof, But When
The Time Comes, It Pays To Turn To The PROS.

“Nobody wants to have to replace a roof, but if you own a home long enough, you don’t get a vote. Anyway, just as we were getting prepared to reach out to random roofers, Brian Misavage happened to be performing roof recon within our development, saw ours, and stopped to discuss with us.

– Lou Lorello

Sometimes things fall into place and we end up in JUST the right place at the right time.  That’s what happened with this Southeast PA roofing project.  We were in Lou’s neighborhood, when we noticed his damaged roof, so we stopped to have a discussion with him about the project.

As it turned out, he WAS about to be browsing for roofing contractors and agreed to give us a chance to replace his roof the RIGHT way.

He agreed, and the whole project turned out even better than hoped.

We Saw A Roof In Need And Offered A Real Solution

As this homeowner mentioned no one WANTS to have to replace their roof, but the time eventually comes when your roof just isn’t what it used to be.  That’s what had happened here, and we gave him our honest assessment and our best recommendation for how to proceed.

Our Roofing Process demands perfection, and we weren’t going to recommend anything but the best and longest-lasting solution to the problem.  In this case, we wanted to install a roof that would LAST.

A Painless Process From Start-To-Finish AND High-Quality Products

“He knows roofs, communicates well with insurance companies, understands people, and he made the process as painless as possible. Your basic roofer, while perhaps a little cheaper, will likely use some inferior products.”

We’re always glad when homeowners mention our stellar communication and service in their reviews and testimonials.


Because a great remodeling experience is JUST as important as the finished product.  We show our Lancaster Grit And Work Ethic by putting as much effort into accommodating your needs as we do on our Meticulous Installs And Repairs.

We do, in fact, strive to make your remodeling experience smooth, easy, and PAINLESS because that’s the way it should be.

As for our roofing materials, we do charge a little more than some of the bargain roofers out there because we ONLY use the Best-Of-The-Best Products.  We’d simply rather not install a roof that’s anything less than high-quality.

The Last Roofing Company You’ll Ever Need

“Brian went over every component that Best uses, and I doubt that another roof will be needed during my lifetime, whether I’m living here or not.  And, we never felt pressured during the process.  Highly recommended!”

Another aspect of our process that stuck out to Lou was our clear communication of what we do and WHY.  While we’re aware not all roofing contractors take this approach, we want YOU to be educated about what’s going on in YOUR home.

It enables you to better look out for and prevent damage in the future, and it helps us clarify why we recommend the specific procedures and products we do.

From our top-notch installations to our tailored Roofing Services And Repairs, we go above and beyond to solve our customers’ problems in a way that simply isn’t common in this industry.

While we can’t promise to be the last roofing contractor you’ll ever need, we’re confident you won’t want to hire anyone else.

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