The Anatomy Of A Gutter System

What Goes Into A Seamless Gutter
System In East Petersburg, PA?

Protect Your Home And Yard From
Avoidable Water Damage

Install a seamless gutter system in East Petersburg, PA to protect your home from rainfall.

Gutters might not seem glamorous, but they’re one of the most important pieces of your exterior. These contraptions work hard to keep your home dry and foundation sturdy – there’s much more to them than meets the eye.

Our team at Best Contracting knows gutter systems in and out. We’ve installed hundreds of seamless gutter systems in Lancaster County.

Gutter systems can be customized to best suit your home, but each has the same basic pieces to function.

So, what actually goes into a gutter system?

The Anatomy Of A Seamless Gutter System

Several important parts make up a seamless gutter system. When any of them are not in top shape, it can spell disaster for your home. Being familiar with each part is essential for proper maintenance.


The star of the show is, of course, the gutters themselves. A gutter system wouldn’t exist without this main piece! Gutters go all the way around the edge of your roof to collect rainwater runoff.

What might be a surprise is that there are actually many types of gutters. Gutters come in all types of materials, sizes, and even in different styles.

Gutters come in many colors, but most are made from aluminum, steel, or vinyl. Gutter material has to be rust-resistant and strong enough to withstand the weather.

There are two main shapes of gutters: K-style gutters look like the letter K on its side and can carry more water. Half-round gutters look cleaner but can’t always carry as much water.

Then, you have seamless gutters or regular gutters. Here at Best Contracting, we installed seamless gutters in East Petersburg, PA. We’ve found that seamless gutters are the most leak-proof option out there.

What’s the difference between seamless gutters and regular gutters?

Seamless gutters are made from one piece of material, whereas regular gutters are connected by seams. Those seams can gap or leak with wear and tear, leaving your home susceptible to water damage.


Where does the water go once it’s entered the gutters? Downspouts carry water from the gutters on your roof to the ground. This is the piece you see come down the edge of a house.

Elbows And Corners

So, you have the gutters around your roof. But what makes these pieces fit together?

Elbows and corners connect your gutters around the corners of your house and the downspouts that carry water away from your house.

Sealants And End Caps

You’ve got all the main pieces – gutters, downspouts, elbows, and corners. What holds all these pieces together?

Sealant is the glue that holds everything together. Our team installs seamless gutters, which actually don’t require sealant along the gutter piece itself.

Gutter Hangers

What keeps the gutters up around the edges of your roof?

Gutter hangers are just what they sound like. They keep your gutters hanging right where they should be.

Just like the gutters, gutter hangers come in a variety of styles. You can get spikes or hidden hangers – it’s up to personal preference. The only key is to ensure your gutter hangers are strong enough to handle the weight of water, and don’t leave your gutters sagging.

Gutter Guards

Ever had to get up on a ladder and clean debris out of your gutters after a storm?

Gutter guards are the pieces that prevent debris from clogging up your gutters. At Best Contracting, we work with Gutter Guard RX Gutter Filter systems. These gutter guards filter out all the debris so your gutters are completely maintenance-free.

Splash Blocks And Downspout Extensions

Last but not least, splash blocks direct rainwater away from your house when it reaches the ground.

Most homes just need splash blocks to direct rainwater away from the foundation. However, if your home is prone to flooding, you might opt for downspout extensions that carry the water further away.

Downspout extensions also work great to protect landscaping around the edge of your house. If you don’t want your landscaping ruined from rainwater rushing out of splash blocks, installing some downspout extensions might be worth installing!

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Curious if your gutter system is up to par? Now is the time to get your gutters checked. Best Contracting offers free gutter inspection – call us at (717) 283-4524 to set it up.

If you’re ready to install seamless gutters in East Petersburg, PA, contact Best Contracting for a free quote.

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