Surprised By Sudden Storm Damage? Arrange For Professional Storm Restoration Services

Factors That Determine If An Insurance Claim For
Storm Damage Restoration Will Be Covered
For Your Collegeville Home

Best Contracting Provides Professional Storm
Restoration Services And Insurance Work

When bad weather hits your home in Collegeville, storm damage restoration is the best option for professional results. Best Contracting does insurance work and expert storm damage repairs to help get your home back to great condition.

In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover leaking roofs and other storm damage. Some factors determine what insurance will cover and what it won’t.

Was The Storm Damage To Your Montgomery
County Home Sudden?

Insurance companies like to see issues dealt with quickly. This ensures the homeowner is taking care of their home and maintaining it. It also prevents damage from getting worse and requires more severe and expensive repairs.

As long as the damage you are claiming occurred recently, your insurance company should be happy to cover it and will likely push the claim through quickly so the repairs can be made in a timely manner. This will allow your home to be considered safe and secure again.

Is The Storm-Related Insurance
Claim For Accidental Damage?

Nobody can predict how bad a storm or weather will be, but insurance companies pay attention to how a home is maintained and cared for up until the damage.

If they believe that you allowed the storm damage to harm your roof by avoiding repairs or even leaving the roof vulnerable to rain and wind, they could refuse your claim.

However, most homeowners have no desire to purposely harm their home or put it at risk of damage, and insurance companies know this. As long as there is no sign of deliberate damage, your insurance should cover the storm damage restoration without giving you much hassle.

How Long Have You Needed Storm Damage Repair Services?

Insurance companies want to know that homeowners handle issues promptly. It’s always best to file your insurance claim as soon as you realize your roof has a leak or is damaged.

This way, the insurance companies know that the damage is recent and was caused by a storm or bad weather.

Is The Specific Type Of Damage Covered By Your Policy?

While most homeowners insurance policies cover damage caused by storms and bad weather, there are certain types of damage that require extra coverage added to the main policy.

This can vary by insurance company and usually refers to flood damage, hurricane damage, or damage caused by uncommon weather patterns. If your storm damage was a result of bad weather or an accident not covered by your policy, it may not be covered.

However, this type of storm damage is less common, so it should be covered if your leak resulted from rain, snow, hail, or wind.

Was The Storm-Related Insurance Claim Avoidable?

As a homeowner, you are expected to keep up with the maintenance of your home, including your roof. Roofs are more susceptible to storm damage, wear and tear, and leaks if they aren’t properly maintained.

If your insurance determines that a leak was caused by a lack of maintenance or could have been avoided had you arranged for small roof repairs prior to the storm, your insurance company may refuse to cover the storm damage restoration.

However, storms are known for causing severe damage, so most insurance companies understand that leaks are usually the result of sudden and unavoidable damage.

Are You Using A Reputable Collegeville
Storm Damage Restoration Company?

Insurance companies want to make sure the homes they insure are in good hands, so they are often picky about the company you choose to do the work. They will only cover a reputable Montgomery County storm restoration company.

When it comes time to get an estimate for storm damage restoration, be sure to get estimates from companies that have skills and experience with storm damage and can provide plenty of examples of previous work and a strong reputation for being the best in the industry.

Your insurance company may not cover any repairs made by a company that is not reputable.

Choose Best Contracting For Your Storm
Damage Restoration In Collegeville

If you need storm damage restoration in Collegeville, Best Contracting can help. We have been in the roofing repair industry for decades and have the experience and skills to complete your project.

We provide a full online gallery where you can see examples of our work, and we only use the best products available to ensure quality and longevity. We are happy to work with your insurance company and complete the necessary repairs quickly.

If you are ready to start your storm restoration project, contact us for a free estimate.

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