Summer Storm Guide: Protecting Your Home

As summer settles in, you’ll soon be dealing with that seasonal inevitable: summer storms. Learn how to protect your home from wind and hail–and from the costly havoc they wreak–with strategies like impact-resistant roofing. 

Move patio & lawn furniture.

Big storms often bring big winds–winds that toss even large objects around like they’re dollhouse furniture. Those flying objects can easily damage a home’s exterior, causing anything from a dented A/C unit to scraped-up siding.

When a significant storm is in the forecast, move or tie down large outdoor furnishings to reduce the risk of damage. Don’t forget to move the patio umbrella too; tuck it into a house, shed, or garage, if possible. Major winds can easily upend an umbrella and table, especially if the table’s on the smaller side.

Protect your home from broken glass.

Big summer storms sometimes include large hail capable of breaking windows. Safeguard your family and possessions by closing drapes, shades, and blinds, so they act as a barrier to potential broken glass. Of course, if you have storm shutters, make sure they’re closed, too.

Consider impact-resistant roofing.

Some types of roofing withstand hailstorms better than others. Impact-resistant roofing materials, like modified asphalt, aluminum, and copper, can offer more protection than typical shingles. To learn more about protecting your home with the right roofing materials, talk with a roof replacement professional with experience in exterior storm protection.

Schedule a roof inspection.

Is your roof in storm-ready condition? The best way to find out is by scheduling a roof inspection by a qualified professional. An inspector will get onto the roof to make sure the shingles are in shape to withstand summer storms. In addition, a good roofing inspector will examine other areas of your home’s exterior, including flashing, chimney exteriors, and gutters.

The attic is an important inspection point as well–and it’s one that some roofing inspectors miss. An attic inspection can reveal problems with the roof’s deck or other issues that may not be visible from the exterior.

Protect your valuable investment from summer storms.

Your home is likely one of your most valuable investments–make sure it’s ready to withstand hail and wind. The Best Contracting LLC team includes roofers certified by Haag, a group that educates and tests professionals in storm damage assessments. Our extensive storm-related experience allows us to recommend the best impact-resistant roofing materials for a new roof as well as assess damage that’s already occurred.

Schedule a no-cost inspection today for your home in Lancaster, Reading, West Chester, Coatesville, or the surrounding areas.

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