Roofing Issues During the Winter

6 Commercial Roofing Issues To Watch
For During A Chadds Ford Winter

Keep Your Delaware County Business Safe

Whether you have metal roofing or commercial asphalt roofing in Chadds Ford, it may be susceptible to winter damage. Business owners like you in Delaware County rely on Best Contracting to serve them the best commercial roofs in Pennsylvania.

We do both commercial roof installations and repairs. While winter isn’t ideal for installing roofs, it is a common season for roof repairs due to winter storms and other harsh weather conditions. But what are the primary issues we see during the winter that damage commercial roofs the most?

Snow Buildup In Chadds Ford

Snow buildup, also called ice dams, is one of the biggest dangers for commercial asphalt roofing in Chadds Ford. It consists of a buildup of snow, either from one storm or a series of storms, that persists without giving your roof a break for the previous storm’s snow to melt.

It is dangerous because the snow builds up on your business’s roof, weighing it down and eventually collapsing. Even if the weight doesn’t cause damage to your roof, as the snow melts, puddles could get trapped in the not-yet-melted snow and cause leaks or further water damage.

Condensation Bringing Unwanted Moisture
To Your Asphalt Commercial Roof

Condensation is a surprising issue that damages roofs in the winter. The process happens during the cold weather as warm air from the building rises to the rafters. As it does, it meets the cold surfaces outside and causes water to begin building up near your roof.

Condensation seeps into rafters and wets insulation, perhaps even causing water damage to ceilings. This is one of the reasons moisture control for your roof is so important. A good roof lasts through these difficult times, which is why Best Contracting offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Windy Days In The Winter In Delaware County

High winds are common during winter storms, wreaking havoc across Pennsylvania, with roofs being a primary target. Commercial asphalt shingles or your rubber EPDM roofing material can be susceptible to blowing off your commercial roof.

Storm damage control is something we excel at here at Best Contracting, repairing your roof and ensuring it looks as good as new after a destructive storm. A winter storm can be bad enough without having to deal with the aftermath that jeopardizes the safety of your home. A roof repair not only makes your roof look new but also gives you peace of mind.

Ice That’s Difficult to Combat On Your
Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Ice damage to roofs comes in many forms. Sheets of ice may form and weigh down like an ice dam, or icicles build up on gutters and pull down on the edges of your roof. It’s even possible for ice to spread shingles apart slowly in the wrong conditions.

Removing ice without a professional is difficult and dangerous, and your business deserves the best when ice is weighing your roof down.

Tree Limbs Causing Unexpected Damage
To Your Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Roofs are susceptible to falling tree limbs in the winter. That’s one of the reasons we offer emergency roof repairs to Chadds Ford residents. While winter isn’t the best time to replace a roof, it’s always good to know who to call for emergency repairs after a harsh storm.

At home, you may be able to control the trees near your house, but at work, it’s possible some trees are permanent and beyond your control. You may not be able to control the falling trees, but you can control what you do if one falls and causes your business roof damage.

Critters Trying To Find Warmth In Your
Commercial Building’s Roof

During winter, animals may try to dig their way inside and away from the cold by clawing and biting their way through your roof. Squirrels, raccoons, and bats may feel the warmth from your business and get to work.

Mice are especially common in the winter as they chew their way into your business looking for a place to set up shop but end up deterring customers. A strong commercial asphalt roof will prevent them from getting very far before giving up.

Whether it’s snow buildup or pesky critters digging into your asphalt roofing, Best Contracting can help. We are equipped to handle any winter weather issue that threatens to damage your roof. All Chadds Ford – and beyond – business owners are welcome to call us at (717) 283-4524 to learn more!

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