Risks Of Undetected Roof Damage After A Storm

Risks Of Not Getting Storm Damage
Restoration In Chadds Ford, PA

Storm Damage Repairs Can Help
Prevent Serious Roof Damage

Storm damage restoration in Chadds Ford, PA helps take care of any issues or potential risks after a storm. Even if you don’t notice a problem, getting a roof inspection after a storm is the best way to ensure anything that could become a problem is taken care of as soon as possible.

Best Contracting has served Delaware County for years with our extensive exterior services. Our storm damage repair team does an exceptional job of inspecting roofs and addressing issues after a storm. They are also excellent at spotting potential risk factors caused by storms.

Mold And Mildew From Water Damage

Mold and mildew are common issues after a storm. Untreated mold may break down the materials of your roof, subdeck, and underlayment. Mold tends to spread and, in time, can cause irreparable damage.

Storm damage restoration can help by remediating water damage that may cause mold before it becomes a serious issue. If the mold is removed while still contained, it is unlikely to cause even minor issues.

Structural Damage Is A Serious Issue
That Requires Restoration Services

Fallen trees and debris are one cause of structural damage, but some are much less easy to spot. Structural damage may start at the roof but can go down to your foundation. Structural damage from storms can begin with rot, so ensuring you get an inspection after a storm is key to preventing serious issues.

Rot can easily begin to spread after a storm and damage the subdeck of your roof. From there, it can begin to damage your attic ceiling and keep working its way down. If water damage doesn’t get inside, it can still damage your foundation, especially if you don’t have a good gutter system.

The Restoration Process Can Improve Energy Efficiency

A damaged roof can raise your energy bills by reducing your home’s energy efficiency. Strong winds, rains, and hail can pull away at your shingles, leaving weak spots and reducing the roof’s insulating power.

If your roof isn’t insulated well, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home, thus raising your energy bills.

Water Damage May Attract Pests In Delaware County

If your roof is damaged after a storm, it may attract certain pests. Damage to your roof may attract bats, mice, and rodents that find the weak spot and try to enter. Other pests, like insects, are attracted to the extra moisture a damaged roof retains after a storm.

Hiring a professional to inspect your roof after a storm is a great way to prevent pests from entering your home through your roof. The expert team can spot potential attractions or entry points and repair them before they become an issue.

Emergency Services Prevent Fire Hazards

If a roof leak goes undetected, it may damage your attic ceiling or walls, which may contain wiring. If the wiring gets wet, it could short-circuit and cause a fire.

A properly installed roof, electrical system, and ceiling will greatly reduce this risk. However, a professional inspection after a storm is the best way to ensure you aren’t at risk.

Delaying Storm Damage Repair Leads
To Bigger Replacement Costs

The longer you wait to inspect your roof after a storm, the more you’ll likely have to pay. If you address issues immediately, you may only have to pay for minor repairs. But soon enough, if your roof is left unchecked, problems spread and may lead to major repairs. Before long, the only way to fix the issue is to get a full roof replacement.

In some cases, a full roof replacement may be the right choice, but getting repairs and inspections after storms is the best way to save money on roof maintenance.

Storm Damage Restoration By Best Contracting
Helps Keep Your Chadds Ford, PA Home Safe

Best Contracting offers exceptional storm damage restoration services in Chadds Ford, PA. Our services include storm damage repair, inspections, emergency services, and even full roof replacements.

If your roof needs an inspection or repair after a storm, call us at (717) 283-4524 for a free estimate.

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