Repairing Your Roofing Leaks

Often times it can be difficult to see where your leak is coming from and that is why you need experienced roofers in Lancaster PA to help you. Just because a water spot is on your ceiling, it does not mean it is leaking right above the water stain. Water can run down your flashing or rafters and may show up as far as 10 feet from the location it started to leak. The best way to find out where the leak is coming from is to get a flash light, go up the attic and look for water stains on the underside of your roof decking.

Leaks may come from a variety of places. They may come from the pipe boots going through your roof. It is recommended that pipe flashing be replaced every 10-15 years.

Leaks may also come from your chimney flashing or skylights. If this is the source of your leak, caulk around the flashing or replace all the flashing with metal flashing. Make sure you cut into the chimney so your flashing can be properly done. Caulking the top of the flashing without cutting into the chimney often results in the leak returning.

If you choose to go on your roof to inspect or repair damage, be sure to take safety precautions. Walking on your roof can be dangerous. Be sure to work with a partner, have a safety ladder and wear a good pair of shoes with traction. Always use a safety rope when working or walking on your roof. Keep in mind, the roof may be very slippery when it is wet. Before getting on the roof, plan in advance and make sure you have all the tools you may need. If you discover the job is bigger than you expected, call a professional like Best Contracting – the most unparalleled roofers Lancaster PA has to offer!

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