Prepare Your Commercial Roof For Winter

5 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Chadds Ford
Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Ensure Your Commercial Asphalt
Roofing Is Ready For Winter

When winter hits, your Chadds Ford commercial asphalt roofing will take the brunt force of whatever winter weather hits. If your roofing is unprepared for the challenges of winter, it can spell disaster for you!

For those businesses in the Delaware County area whose roof is unprepared for winter weather, you will regret not taking the time to prepare as much as possible. Granted, even with the utmost preparation, sometimes winter weather can surprise us all and leave a ton of damage behind.

While you can’t prepare for every possible situation, you can do your best to prepare your roof for the routine winter weather we see in the area.

How can you prepare your commercial asphalt roofing? Check out these five ideas to use now to lessen the chances of suffering winter weather damage.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Commercial Asphalt
Roofing For Winter Weather

There are several things that business owners may do to help prepare their commercial roofs for winter. While some may hope and pray that the winter is mild, that is not the best way to prepare. Instead, use these five methods.

Schedule An Assessment

There may be several questions rolling through your mind about your roof. Will it handle heavy snow or wind? Is ice going to be an issue?

It is these types of concerns that will drive you mad. Instead, have your roof assessed before the winter hits.

A roof assessment is a sure way to find any issues that may be present and will give you peace of mind in knowing that your roof will handle the typical winter weather of the area.

Make Any Suggested Repairs

During an assessment, your roofer may have a few suggestions on repairs that need to be made to ensure the roof is as strong as possible. Don’t put these repairs on your to-do list for six months later – do them now!

Any area of your commercial roof that needs repair is weaker. You don’t want to risk these weak spots becoming issues during the winter, leading to leaks.

Take The Time To Examine Your Roof’s History

When was the roof replaced? How old is the roof? Have you had any issues within the past six months?

By looking at the roof’s history, you can better understand what you may need to do for the winter. Add this task to the top of the assessment, and you will be confident when winter weather hits.

Clean Your Gutters And Roof

Fall weather is known for falling leaves. And these leaves are sitting in your gutters. In that tiny gap between fall and winter weather, you must ensure your gutters and roof are clean.

Many business owners hire their roofers to handle these tasks since they want to have their roofs assessed anyway.

Check The Surrounding Area

Take the time to look at the area around your roof. Are there tree limbs near the roof that could cause damage?

If so, take the time to trim these back before winter weather hits. And remove anything that could be a potential issue for your roof.

How To Maintain Your Commercial Asphalt
Roofing When Winter Weather Hits

At this point, you know how to prepare your roof before winter hits, but what do you do when winter weather hits? There is no right or wrong answer on what you should do to protect your roof when snow and ice hits. It all depends on what you are comfortable doing and what you can do safely.

Removing snow from a flat commercial roof is often one of the tips given to those who want to maintain their roof during winter. However, you have to ensure that if you do this, it is safe for you to do so!

Why remove the snow and ice from your roof? Snow and ice can add a lot of weight to your roof, increasing the chances of damage later.

Also, consider removing any ice dams you see forming, as ice dams can cause much damage. If you see these ice dams forming in certain areas, note these areas to a roofer as there are often ways they can help the roof stop forming these issues.

Mother Nature is fickle. And while our meteorologists do their best to inform us ahead of time if winter weather is an issue, it is difficult to pinpoint exact measurements of what we may be dealing with.

That is why you must take the time before winter hits to ensure your roof is ready to handle the extra load. When winter weather hits, be sure you are taking the time to think through what you may need to do to protect your commercial roof.

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