5 Exterior Fixes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient this Summer

Summer is finally settling over the Mid-Atlantic area, which means air conditioners will soon be running 24/7 in many homes. With a few exterior upgrades, you can make your home more energy efficient–and comfier–this summer. Replace windows with energy-efficient options. As much as one-third of your home’s energy loss can happen through its windows. When […]

Do’s and Dont’s: Finding a Home Improvement Contractor For Exterior Jobs

What’s on your mind? New roofing? Siding repair? Window replacement? Summer weather brings more than warm breezes; it often brings home improvement projects too. Learn how to find the right home improvement contractor so your project gets done right. Don’t automatically go for the lowest bid. A low-bid roofing, siding, or window contractor can seem […]

Go-To Gutter Guide for Homeowners: Should You Repair or Replace?

The humble gutter doesn’t get much glory considering all the work it does to protect home and property. In fact, it’s easy to forget about this critical home feature until something goes wrong or it’s time to clean them out. Use this go-to guide to troubleshoot and decide if it’s time to repair or replace […]

How to Clean Roof Shingles & Vinyl Siding

Springtime is the right time to spruce up your home’s exterior. Sometimes adding curb appeal is as simple as cleaning up your roof and siding. Here are tips for adding shine your neighbors will envy. How to clean roof shingles It’s not uncommon for roofs in Lancaster, West Chester, Reading, and other areas of the […]

Should You Put New Vinyl Siding on Your Home?

Making the decision to add new siding to your home is a significant one–and you’ll want to make the best choice for you, your home, and your budget. Learn why new vinyl siding is a smart investment for many homeowners. 1. Vinyl siding boosts curb appeal. This exterior cladding is available in many different colors and […]

Roof Damage and Other Exterior Problems: Critter Most Wanted List

As warmer weather arrives, so do the critters. The problem is that some of Mother Nature’s creatures aren’t so kind to our homes. Here are four of the top culprits for animal-induced home and roof damage: Raccoons   Squirrel on the roof top. Blue sky background with copy space.These bandits generate an awful lot of damage for […]

The Top Exterior Improvements to Increase Resale Value with Curb Appeal

Kitchens. Bathrooms. Basements. When it’s time to get a home ready for sale, much of the focus goes into the house’s interior. And while those improvements, if done right, can help increase property value, buyers may not even come inside to see them if the exterior looks shabby. Here are the exterior home improvements that […]

Protect Your Investment with this Exterior Home Inspection Guide

Regardless of what that furry rodent reported in February, spring is definitely in the air for many areas of the Mid-Atlantic region. That means it’s the perfect time for a springtime home exterior inspection to make sure it’s free of the damage, like curling shingles, that cost you time, money, and hassle. Do use proper […]

How to Find the Right Contractor at a Home Show

Late winter/early spring means more than Valentine’s hearts and blooming crocuses. It also means it’s time to hit the home shows. If you’re in the market for a new roof, replacement windows, or other home improvements, here’s what you need to know to find the right contractor at a show. Make a gotta-see list. Walking […]

7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Winter weather often brings snow and ice—but it can also bring the first signs that it’s time for window replacement. Don’t let that draft dog you for one more winter. Learn the red flags that tell you it’s time to replace those windows. 1. Your energy bills have been creeping up. Old windows give cold […]


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