Don’t Make These Gutter Cleaning Mistakes

With cooler temps in the near future, the leaves will start changing. So, if you’re a  homeowner, that means gutter cleaning is in your near future too. Avoid these common gutter cleaning mistakes so you can get the job done right. Using leaf blowers or shop vacs. Power tools seem like a fast solution to […]

7 Must-Do’s to Prep Your Home for Fall Weather

As kids flock back to school, it’s a sure sign cooler weather will soon start settling in over Lancaster, West Chester, and the rest of the mid-Atlantic region. Take advantage of the less-sultry temps to make sure your home is ready to take on whatever fall has to dish out. 1. Inspect the roof. This […]

11 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal this Fall

More comfortable weather will soon be here, making it the perfect time to get outside and boost your home’s curb appeal. You don’t need to be the star of a DIY show to make your property look fresh and inviting. Try these 11 tips to boost curb appeal and make your home the envy of […]

Roofing Storm Damage: Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts

Your roof takes a beating–and it may show after a severe summer storm. If you believe your roof needs replacement or repair, here are do’s and don’ts for filing an insurance claim for roofing storm damage. Don’t dismiss minor damage. Shingle damage from hail can be hard to detect, particularly if you’re trying to assess […]

DIY Roof Inspection Tips

Your house is likely your biggest investment–so it makes sense to protect it by properly maintaining its roof. Good maintenance starts with regular inspections. Before you climb onto that roof, grab these DIY roof inspection tips. These roofing tips are for guidance only–and your personal safety is more important than a roof. If you choose to […]

Summer Storm Guide: Protecting Your Home

As summer settles in, you’ll soon be dealing with that seasonal inevitable: summer storms. Learn how to protect your home from wind and hail–and from the costly havoc they wreak–with strategies like impact-resistant roofing.  Move patio & lawn furniture. Big storms often bring big winds–winds that toss even large objects around like they’re dollhouse furniture. […]

5 Exterior Fixes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient this Summer

Summer is finally settling over the Mid-Atlantic area, which means air conditioners will soon be running 24/7 in many homes. With a few exterior upgrades, you can make your home more energy efficient–and comfier–this summer. Replace windows with energy-efficient options. As much as one-third of your home’s energy loss can happen through its windows. When […]

Do’s and Dont’s: Finding a Home Improvement Contractor For Exterior Jobs

What’s on your mind? New roofing? Siding repair? Window replacement? Summer weather brings more than warm breezes; it often brings home improvement projects too. Learn how to find the right home improvement contractor so your project gets done right. Don’t automatically go for the lowest bid. A low-bid roofing, siding, or window contractor can seem […]

Go-To Gutter Guide for Homeowners: Should You Repair or Replace?

The humble gutter doesn’t get much glory considering all the work it does to protect home and property. In fact, it’s easy to forget about this critical home feature until something goes wrong or it’s time to clean them out. Use this go-to guide to troubleshoot and decide if it’s time to repair or replace […]

How to Clean Roof Shingles & Vinyl Siding

Springtime is the right time to spruce up your home’s exterior. Sometimes adding curb appeal is as simple as cleaning up your roof and siding. Here are tips for adding shine your neighbors will envy. How to clean roof shingles It’s not uncommon for roofs in Lancaster, West Chester, Reading, and other areas of the […]


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