Our Core Values Provide YOU With Value

OUR Fundamental Values Guarantee
Exceptional Value For YOU

You Will Always Know What
To Expect When Hiring Us

When you hire a Southeastern PA roofing contractor for commercial or residential roof service, you never know what you’ll get. Some businesses focus on profits, while others are driven by pride in their work.

At Best Contracting, our core principles guide everything we do. These values have been with us so long that they’re baked into who we are.

And they make us predictable – boring, even.

However, our clients love that we’re easy to anticipate. With us, you know what you’ll get – no surprises. For instance:

  • Fair pricing? Check.
  • Reliable work? Check.
  • Friendly service? Check.
  • Open communication? Check.
  • Great value for the cost? Check and check again!

Our principles are simple to understand but take effort to carry out consistently.

Our Guiding Principles

At Best Contracting, we deliver calm, steady workmanship until your job is done.


By following six long standing core principles that color our work and guide our behavior. They’ve served us (and you) well since 2010, and we expect them to continue to carry us forward for decades to come.


First, we set the standard for exceptional service. We go out of our way to make you happy. Do you want something tweaked? We’re on it. Can we do something to boost your satisfaction? Just let us know.

We are driven to be useful, not only because it keeps customers happy but because it is the right thing to do. We’re your neighbors as well as your contractors, so we’re just being neighborly.


Next, it is important that you trust us if we are to earn your repeat business. So, we do our all to deserve your trust. We only make promises we can keep and behave honorably in all interactions.

For example, we offer fair pricing and never use high-pressure sales techniques to get you to sign with us. We always provide honest, accurate assessments of your needs. We show up on time, clean up after we leave, and provide an honest day’s work.


We offer exceptional teamwork, which benefits you in unexpected ways.

Our close personal ties and long experience working together make your roofing installation run smoothly and swiftly. We work so well together that we can overcome any obstacle.

We learn from each other’s mistakes and gain insight from differing viewpoints. We make sure our gray-haired veterans are on site to guide our young whippersnappers.

This atmosphere encourages idea-sharing, innovation, and shared responsibilities. It boosts performance and identifies small issues before they become big problems.


We teach every employee to treat clients with respect and courtesy. This treatment extends to your home and yard, which we treat as if they were our own – or that of our parents.

We also treat you with politeness and professionalism and always do the following:

  • We listen when you speak.
  • We seek your approval at each step.
  • We keep you informed about your project.
  • We understand you are the final decision-maker.

Simply put, we treat you as a person instead of a sale and never lose sight of our (and your) humanity.

Customer Advocacy

When you hire us, it means we’ve got your back. We practice rigorous customer advocacy and support you in every way we can. We work with you so that you get the results you deserve.

This means we work extra hard during the installation and insist that you receive only the highest quality products from our suppliers.

We’ll support you when making an insurance claim to be sure you get the help you’re entitled to.


We are loyal to you even after your job is done. If we make an error during installation that causes you pain down the road, we make it right. If there’s an area of your project that you’re just not happy with, we’ll make adjustments until you are.

All that matters is that you are and remain happy with the results of our work. We appreciate the chance to improve your home and will stay with you from day one until we finally close our doors far in the future.

So, if you need help with your Southeastern PA home and want to work with a trustworthy contractor, contact Best Contracting for a free estimate.

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