Our Ability To Communicate Sets Us Apart

This Customer Had LOTS Of Questions That
Other Roofing Contractors Didn’t Answer

She Signed With Us Because Of Our
First-Rate Communication Skills

Marlene’s home needed siding and residential roofing work, but she’d had a hard time finding a contractor she felt comfortable with. As a single mother, she was solely responsible for hiring and negotiating with the roofing company, and she had many questions before signing a contract.

She met with numerous local contractors, and many of them proved reluctant to answer all her questions. They either assured her that such questions weren’t important or gave her what she felt were incomplete answers. She was very unsatisfied with her prospects and continued her search.

Until she interviewed us at Best Contracting.

 “Anytime I wanted to ask a question, they were available to answer it.”

Our sales representative Brian took the time to respond fully and carefully to every question Marlene had for him. He even addressed the same topics multiple times until he was sure she understood. Then, he offered an accurate estimate. By the time she signed with us, she seemed thoroughly satisfied with the answers Brian had provided.

Asking Intelligent Questions

Marlene had asked Brian many intelligent questions, such as, “How long have you been in business, and how much experience do you have with residential siding and roof repair projects like mine?” She asked what brands of products we intended to install, who would be handling the installation, and if they had undergone background checks.

Brian patiently answered everything. “When would the job begin, and how long would it take?” He checked the schedule and gave Marlene a range of dates. “What exactly did the price cover, and did it include a warranty?” He covered the scope of the project and discussed our generous warranty.

Would the team always show up when she expected them?


“They were always on time and had impeccable communication skills.”

We are grateful for Marlene’s kind words and are very pleased she felt comfortable enough to choose us for her project.

We KEEP Communicating, Even After The Sale

When our installation team arrived, Marlene was surprised to discover that we continued to communicate effectively, both with her and with each other. We kept her in the loop at every stage of the project, making sure she understood what we were doing and why. We solicited her input and paid attention to her suggestions.

Furthermore, we work as a team, so communication is essential. We have each other’s backs to ensure no mistakes ever reach the client’s eyes. Communication greases the wheels and lets us operate smoothly and efficiently. That’s why so few of our projects encounter issues or delays.

“They did very good work, and I haven’t had a problem with anything in three years.”

That type of result is common for us because we use only top-quality products and materials and painstakingly complete every installation. In fact, we expect Marlene’s residential roofing and siding to offer trouble-free performance for decades.

A Customer For Life

We treat every customer with exceptional care, respect, and openness. We behave with integrity and transparency in every interaction.


We don’t just want you as a one-time client; we want to win you as a customer for life. Fortunately, that’s what happened with Marlene. After her long and tiring search for a good fit for roofing and vinyl siding, she’d found a contractor she was happy to work with again and again.

“After I had my roof and siding done, I called them to do the deck, and I didn’t even interview anyone else.”

Perhaps she’ll even contact us for seamless gutters one day, too.

Our communication skills are always at the forefront when we work with customers. We speak clearly and concisely so you understand exactly what we’re saying. We pay attention to your verbal and nonverbal messages and practice active listening. This means we listen to hear and understand – not just to respond.

Do you need residential roofing or siding and want to hire a contractor with exceptional communication skills? Contact us at Best Contracting in Southeastern PA to schedule a free consultation today.

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