Navigating Insurance Claims For Storm Damage Restoration

How To File A Claim For Storm Damage
Restoration In Collegeville, PA

Help Restore Your Roof
After Storm Damage

Does the roof on your home have storm damage? Though roofs are made of tough materials, strong winds and hail have the power to cause enough damage to a roof to require repair or replacement.

Most homeowners who have some damage will go through their insurance company to pay for repairs to their roof. But how do you file an insurance claim for storm damage restoration in Collegeville, PA?

Where Do I Start When Filing An Insurance Claim
For Storm Damage Repair Services?

An insurance claim involves a few steps coordinated between you, your insurance company, and a roofing contractor.

Have A Professional Roofing Contractor Do A Roof Inspection

If strong winds, hail, lightning, or even tornadoes recently hit your neighborhood, you could have storm damage to your roof. Storm-related insurance claims often come from the following kinds of damage:

  • Missing shingles
  • Debris on your roof
  • Broken gutters or downspouts
  • Shingles that are dented, cracked, or curled

While some of the damage to your roof might be obvious, you shouldn’t take out your ladder and climb onto your roof to inspect it for damage. Whether you can see damage or not, your roof might be unstable. You could get hurt. Plus, without a trained eye, you will likely miss signs of roof damage that will worsen over time.

Instead, get a roof inspection done before you start your insurance claim. You can trust an expert to evaluate storm damage in the Montgomery County area without putting yourself in danger. A good roofing contractor will provide all the proof you need to start an insurance claim, including photos of the damage to your roof and gutters.

You should also avoid any efforts to repair roof damage yourself, even if you can reach it. Leave repairs up to a professional roofing contractor.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy For What’s Covered

Homeowner insurance policies vary based on your contract. Knowing what is covered under your insurance policy is a good thing to do before beginning a claim. Even if you don’t have storm damage coverage, getting an inspection will help you determine the extent of any damage.

If the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy show that you have coverage for hail, wind, lightning, and falling objects or debris, you probably have a good case to get started on an insurance claim.

Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after experiencing wind and storm damage to your roof and learning about your coverage.

Waiting too long increases your chances of experiencing additional damage. You also risk having the insurance company deny your claim if you wait for a significant amount of time.

Talking to your insurance agent is a good start to explaining your situation. They’ll be able to tell you how their process works.

Their first action should be sending an adjuster to evaluate your roof damage. You should also be aware that you may invite your roofing contractor to meet with the insurance company’s public adjuster. Just know that the insurance adjuster represents the insurance company, not you.

Fix Your Roof

Once the insurance company approves your claim, you’ll have to pay your insurance company’s deductible. You should also know that filing a claim won’t necessarily raise your insurance premium.

The good news is that once you’ve reached the end of the insurance claims process, your chosen professional roofing contractor can fix your roof.

Call Best Contracting For Storm Damage Restoration,
So You Can Start Your Homeowner Insurance Claim

Let Best Contracting take care of the roof inspection, details, and repairs for your wind and storm damage restoration claim for your roof. They will work with your insurance company to restore your roof to properly protect your home and family.

When you experience storm damage to your Collegeville, PA home’s roof, call Best Contracting at (717) 283-4524 to speak to an expert and schedule your free estimate.

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