Long-Term Effects Of Storm Damage

How Storm Damage Affects Your York, PA
Home Over Time, Requiring Roofing
Service And Repairs

Stop The Long-Term Effects
Of Storm Damage With
Leaky Roof Repair

Storms can be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable things to happen to your home. Your roofing service & repairs in York, PA may include emergency storm damage, but it also may be a roof repair or replacement after years of storms.

While immediate storm damage may be easy to spot, there are ways that storms affect your home over time that only an expert may see. That’s why it’s important to always have a professional roof inspector look at your roof at least once a year. They may spot these issues that will cause even more problems down the road.

Water Damage That Leads To Leaky Roof Repair

Water damage is one of the most dangerous aftereffects of storms. It affects every area of your home, including your roof and your siding.

Roof Damage

A leaky roof can cause a lot of damage to your home, but even if it doesn’t leak, there could be unseen damage. It could be disastrous if water seeps through the roof and reaches the wiring.

Long-term issues of water damage to your roof include standing water, which is a huge problem for roofs. The water can weaken the adhesive that holds your asphalt shingles together or cause mold to grow.

Siding Damage

Water can easily seep past the siding, especially if the siding isn’t well-built or installed well. This can cause mold to build up on the underside of the siding or cause the plywood to swell, which starts a domino effect.

Aesthetically, too much rain can stain certain siding. The chances of this are significantly reduced with strong siding installed by professionals who care.

Other Damage

Water can overload gutters, which clogs them or causes them to overflow, defeating the purpose of having them. Gutter guards are especially helpful during storms to prevent long-term damage to gutters.

Other effects of water damage include the worst problem of all – compromising the home’s integrity by weakening the foundation. A strong roof and gutter system prevent water from reaching your foundation.

Emergency Roofing Services Deal With Lightning Damage

Lightning damage is one of the rarest types of storm damage. The chances of it striking your house are slim, but it does happen. It’s always best to be prepared for what happens when lightning strikes and what to do after.

Roof Damage

The highest parts of your house are most susceptible to lightning, including your roof. If your house is more than one story, it’s even more likely to be stricken.

The biggest danger of lightning strikes on your roof is that they can cause fires. But less critical long-term effects include unsightly marks and weakened roofing.

Siding Damage

It’s unlikely your siding would be directly damaged due to a lightning strike, but it is possible. Thunder and lightning strikes may cause shock waves that damage the siding and structure of your home. The siding may crack or degrade.

Other Damage

Lightning is unpredictable and could affect any part of your home. Whether it’s a crack in the foundation or a tree being struck that falls and damages your roof, lightning is a dangerous part of any thunderstorm.

Hail Damage Taken Care Of With Roofing Services & Repairs

Hail is notorious for injuring livestock and wreaking havoc on vehicles, but it may also affect your home. From shattered windows to a dented roof, hail is not something you want to deal with on your property.

Roof Damage

Your roof is very susceptible to long-term damage from hail. Hail impact will crack the matting of a shingle, allowing moisture into the cracks and causing the shingle to break down over time.

Other, no less severe, issues include granules that hail knock away. During a hail storm, the granules may be loosened and fall off later, exposing the rest of the asphalt shingles and causing a mess. Other types of roofing are even worse off, as metal roofing may be dented beyond repair after one too many hail storms.

Siding Damage

Low-quality siding may dent or crack during a hail storm, but even the best siding isn’t completely immune. Large, dense hail can scratch away at the siding’s ends and edges until it cracks, causing damage – but not beyond repair.

Other Damage

Windows and doors may take the biggest hit from hail. Windows are most likely to break beyond repair, while doors may take hits to hardware and eventually stop functioning. But another problem of hail damage is dented gutters. If your gutters aren’t newly installed with good gutter guards, hail may even knock them off your house.

Wind Damage Requires Shingle Roof Repairs

Wind damage is a serious issue that rivals water when it comes to the most dangerous part of a storm. Your house may suffer in a multitude of ways. The wind speeds don’t have to reach 80 mph to do damage – they can cause you to require emergency roof repair services at a much lower speed.

Roof Damage

Your roof will be the first part of your house to be damaged. Shingles peel back slowly after each storm and may eventually detach.

A new set of asphalt shingles may be the answer to that problem, but there are also other problems that wind can cause. Seemingly unrelated issues, such as a tree being blown too hard, will cause it to fall over and do incredible damage to your roof.

Siding Damage

Siding is not immune to wind damage that causes problems over time. Your siding may fly off in the worst of windy storms but may face other issues that are more difficult to spot.

The edges of the siding may fray over time as it wears away at it. The weather stripping between windows and your siding may also peel away and cause you to lose energy efficiency inside.

Other Damage

Strong winds can easily pull at gutters over time and eventually detach them. Windows can shatter from debris the wind throws at them. Shutters can fly off and become debris that causes even further damage.

Insurance Covers Many Roofing Services & Repairs

While storm damage can be disastrous and even traumatizing, if your home was damaged by storms over time, insurance claims may cover the cost of residential roof repair or replacements minus the deductible.

Most of the time, these claims don’t increase your insurance premiums, so it’s always worth checking out. 

What’s The Best Roof Repair Service Near Me?

Whether you need an emergency roofing service, roof maintenance services, or a complete roof replacement after long-term storm damage, Best Contracting is here to deliver. For storm damage restoration, call Best Contracting at (717) 283-4524 for a free quote.

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