Leaky Gutters? Seamless Gutters May Be A Great Option

Why Are The Gutters On My Home In
Downingtown, PA Leaking?

Common Gutter Problems That
Lead To Leaks And Damage

Your gutter system helps drain water away from the roof and foundation of your home to help protect it from water damage. If your gutters are damaged or broken or pieces are missing, they can’t do their job.

Gutters are exposed to bad weather and rough conditions regularly, and while they are designed to be strong and durable, certain things can take their toll on them.

If you need new gutters, Best Contracting can install new seamless gutters in Downingtown, PA and help you maintain them. Let’s look at some of the most common issues that can lead to gutter leaks.

Leaky Gutters On A Downingtown PA Home

The Seamless Gutters Are Clogged Or Blocked

The most common cause of leaking gutters is clogs. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can get stuck in your gutters and pile on top of each other. This leads to clogs or blockages and prevents water from flowing through the gutters.

When the water can’t move to the downspouts and be directed away from the home, it has nowhere to go but up. Eventually, the gutters will fill up with water, overflowing on your roof or yard and looking like a leak.

Cleaning your seamless rain gutters regularly and having gutter guards installed can help reduce clogs and leaks.

The Seamless Gutters Have Cracks Or Holes

Even though you might not see them, gutters can have cracks or holes in them. Pests, wear and tear, storm damage, and even a breakdown of the gutter material can all lead to damage that makes it possible for water to leak through the gutters.

If you aren’t cleaning your gutters or protecting them with gutter guards, they could fill with water and then freeze during cold weather. The gutters can crack or break as they expand and contract with the ice. You won’t notice the cracks or damage until the ice melts or the next storm.

The Gutters On Your Downingtown
Home Are Loose At The Seams

The seams of traditional gutters are the area where two pieces connect and are usually the weakest and most vulnerable parts. If the fasteners become loose, go missing, or rust, water will be able to get through the small gaps and cracks.

Maintaining and inspecting your gutters to ensure the seams are not loose can help you avoid gutter leaks. Installing seamless gutters is another excellent option, as there are no seams to be vulnerable to this type of damage. They’re also likely to last much longer than traditional gutters because of their design.

The Seamless Gutters Were Not Installed Properly

In order for seamless gutters to last a long time and perform properly, they have to be installed correctly. If professionals didn’t install your gutters, there could be gaps between each section, they may not be attached to the eaves of your roof right, or they might not be angled correctly.

These issues can put extra strain on the gutter system and make it more likely to get damaged in bad weather or just break down faster.

The Gutters Are Sagging On Your Chester County Home

If your gutters are old or are clogged by a lot of gunk and debris, it could be weighing them down and making them sag. When the gutters sag, they change their angle and allow water to flow over the edges.

It can also cause water to run to other areas of the gutters, where it will collect and either overflow or cause more sagging. Eventually, the sagging could cause the gutters to completely detach from your Chester County home.

The Seamless Gutters Are Not Sloped Properly

When professionals install seamless gutters, they make sure to slope them properly. The right slope directs the water in the right direction so it can make its way to the downspouts and eventually drain away from your home.

If the gutters were not installed at the right slope or are damaged and the slope has changed, the water might not drain or flow as easily, and the gutters will overflow and leak instead of draining.

Choose Best Contracting For All Your Seamless
Gutter Needs In Downingtown, PA

If you are having gutter problems or notice your gutters are leaking, you may need professional gutter services. Best Contracting offers seamless gutter installation in Downingtown, PA.

Seamless gutters have a much sleeker and modern appearance, adding curb appeal while protecting your home from water damage. Our seamless gutter systems are easy to maintain and are less likely to clog.

If you are ready to update your home’s gutter system, contact us today for a free estimate

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