Keep Your Business Safe From Pooling Water On Your Roof

How To Avoid Ponding Water On Commercial
Asphalt Roofing In Glen Mills

Keeping Your Business Safe
From Water Damage

Commercial asphalt roofing in Glen Mills is not immune to ponding water. Your business may suffer from water damage, which begins with pooling water but quickly turns to leaks and eventually a collapse. Avoiding ponding water is about preventing future problems that could risk your business.

Best Contracting offers a variety of commercial roofing services and has the best reputation for roofers in Delaware County. But we don’t just want to serve you via our services – we also want to let our community know the answers to common problems, even if they don’t hire us. One of those problems is how to avoid ponding water on commercial roofing.

Add More Drains To Your Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Proper drainage is the number one way to avoid ponding water on commercial roofing. If you can add more drains in the right spots to your roof, you may be able to solve the problem entirely.

If you don’t know if your commercial roof has any roof drains, call a professional to take a look. They can tell you the best route for your specific roof. Your problem may not be a lack of drainage but one of the other most common reasons for ponding water on commercial roofing.

Clean Gutters On Your Commercial Building’s Roof

Cleaning your gutters regularly is a great way to prevent ponding water, especially near the edges of your business’s roof. While you may not be able to install new commercial gutters without a permit or your landlord’s permission, you can keep them clean.

If your gutters don’t have gutter guards, it’s worth talking to the right people to find out if you can get them installed to prevent future problems with clogged gutters, which cause ponding water.

Patchwork Commercial Asphalt Roof Repair

Patchwork is something that’s best to leave to the professionals, but most older roofs are better off with it. Even if small damages or dents in your commercial roof don’t seem to be causing problems, it’s best to have them patched as soon as possible.

Any low spots or snags in asphalt roofs may allow water to begin pooling. It’s a downward spiral once that starts to happen unless you get things patched up sooner rather than later.

Slopes And Crickets

Slopes and crickets are two of the best ways to avoid ponding water when installing a new commercial asphalt roof. Sloped roofs are the way to go because they have a natural way of diverting water.

But even sloped roofs need help via crickets – small double-sloped additions to roofs that divert water around chimneys and other roof penetrations that may prevent proper drainage.

Get Regular Inspections For Roofing For Commercial Buildings

A regular inspection is recommended once a year for businesses in Delaware County. These inspections save you money by helping you address problems before they become major issues. Your inspector may find a small amount of ponding water before it becomes a large amount of ponding water.

Regular Repairs For Commercial Building Roofs

Regular repairs are also an important part of keeping your commercial asphalt roofing safe from water damage. Whether you get an inspection or not, roof repair services like Best Contracting can come in, diagnose the problem, and repair issues that are causing water to pool on your roof.

If caught early enough, we can execute repairs before it damages your ceiling, causes leaks, or collapses. No concern is too small because your business is our number one priority, and it should be for all contractors in Glen Mills.

Install New Commercial Asphalt Roofing

If water ponding on your commercial asphalt roofing is getting out of hand, a new roof may be your most cost-effective solution. A new roof is worth the investment because you avoid paying for repairs and may even find a lower utility bill due to the improved roof.

Best Contracting installs commercial roofing in Delaware County. Our team works with you from day one to ensure we keep open communication and deliver all of your needs on your time and your budget.

For more info about commercial asphalt roofing in Glen Mills, call Best Contracting at (717) 283-4524 to get your free quote. We’re certified commercial roofing contrators, allowing us to offer warranties and provide you with the best quality commercial roofing services.

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