Is It Legal For Glen Mills Roofing Contractors To Charge For Their Estimates?

Absolutely! But At Best Contracting, We
Don’t Think It’s The Right Thing To Do

Residential roofing estimates are beneficial to both the customer and the roofing company. 

Not only do they tell the homeowner how much they can expect to pay for their roofing repairs or replacement, but it also gives the roofing company a chance to look at the roof and learn more about it before they even agree to do the project. 

Most roofing companies are happy to provide a free estimate, but some charge a fee for this service. 

Even though the companies that charge for estimates aren’t necessarily scammers, it’s really unnecessary to pay for an estimate when there is a local residential roofing company that will provide you with an estimate for free. 

If a company wants to charge for an estimate, it’s likely they are more focused on making money than providing superior roofing services to the Delaware County area.

Glen Mills Residential Roofing With Inspection Marks

Roofers Can Charge For A Roofing
Estimate, But They Shouldn’t

When you hear the terms residential roofing estimate and inspection, you may assume they mean the same thing. While both require a professional to take a close look at your Glen Mills roof, one is more extensive than the other and usually comes at a cost. 

A roofing estimate is a quote for repairs of a roofing problem, while a roofing inspection checks the condition of a roof to spot problematic areas before damage occurs. 

Most roofing companies do not charge for an estimate but do charge for an inspection.

Roofing Estimates And Inspections Are Not The Same

Many homeowners confuse roofing estimates and inspections because they are similar. However, an inspection is a more detailed assessment of the roof and is meant to highlight any damage and also find weak spots in the roof that may be vulnerable. 

Estimates are typically used to identify the cause of a problem that the homeowner is already aware of. They are meant to find a solution to the problem and give the homeowner an idea of the cost of repairs. 

Homeowners can request roof inspections even if there are no obvious problems. Inspections require a professional to take a close look at the roof and evaluate every area individually.

They are meant to find areas that are at risk for damage before problems arise. They require a lot more time and expertise, so unlike estimates, they are usually not free.

Understanding What Is Included In
A Residential Roofing Estimate

When a residential roofing company offers a free estimate, it’s a good idea to understand what is included with it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or bring up your concerns. Estimates are fairly simple and quick, but you should expect them to include some standard elements.

Labor Costs

Whether you need a new roof or want to have your current roof repaired, there are some costs involved. Labor costs cover the expense of the workmanship. The estimate will be based on the size of your roof, the amount of work that is needed, and the complexity of the project.

Material Costs

You have a lot of roofing material options, and they all have different price ranges and features. 

Your roofer will work with you to decide which material will work best with your roof design and also provide an estimate for the materials. Underlayment, flashing, and tools are also considered in the materials quote.

Disposal Costs

A roof replacement requires the old roofing to be torn off and hauled away. Even if you are having smaller sections of your roof repaired, there will be some debris leftover from the project. 

Your estimate will include the cost to haul it all away and clean up the area once the project is complete.

Choose An Honest Glen Mills Roofing
Company That Offers Free Estimates

Whether you need to have your roof inspected to see if it’s at risk for an issue or you are already aware of a problem and need an estimate to fix it, it’s important to choose a trustworthy residential roofing company in Glen Mills to help you. 

Best Contracting has decades of experience in the roofing industry, and we are happy to assist you with all aspects of your roofing project. Whether you need roof repairs, a new roof installation, or gutter cleaning, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and for a free estimate.

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