How To Understand Your Landisville Roofing Service & Repairs Estimate

How To Better Understand Your Landisville
Estimate For Roofing Services & Repairs

Find Out How Your Roofing Services And
Repairs Estimate Is Broken Down

When you need Landisville roofing services and repairs, getting an estimate is one of the first aspects of getting the job done. However, the problem that many people have is that they find the estimate to be confusing.

The estimate contains several pieces of information, or at least it should when it comes from a professional Lancaster County roofer. So, how can you understand the estimate?

We have broken down the various components contained within roofing services and repairs estimates so you can be prepared for your home’s estimate when needed.

The Breakdown Of Roofing Services And Repairs Estimates

Several components make up your estimate. When you look at the estimate for the first time, you may feel it is full of numbers and information you don’t need.

However, most estimates will break down the total cost that has been quoted to you so you understand where every dollar is going. It is a way to be more transparent and give you peace of mind.

So, yes, understanding the estimate is vital for homeowners!

Size Of Your Roof

One of the items you will see on your estimate is the size of your roof. This will include the main roof on your home, as well as an attached garage or bonus room that is having the roof replaced as well.

If you are having two roofs on your property replaced or repaired, each may have its own information under it, as they are two separate roofs.

Materials That Will Be Used

Based on the size of your roof, the materials meant to cover your roof’s replacement or repair will be listed. The materials may include not only the actual roof material but flashing, underlayment, and the like.

The number of materials listed will be based on what your roofer is suggesting you do to get your roof back into fighting shape.

Removal Of Old Roof

If you are having your roof replaced, then the removal of the old roof will be included in your estimate. You may even see a charge for the layers of roofing on your home if you have more than one layer of roofing. Sadly, it is a charge that many people are not expecting as they did not realize that past roofers simply placed a new roof on top of the old one to cut corners.

Labor Costs

The roofer will have an estimation of the cost of labor that is included in the overall cost you have been quoted. If this is not included, be sure to ask about it, as you don’t want a surprise of a few thousand dollars at the end of your roofing project.


If you have opted to have gutters replaced or repaired with your roofing project, then you may have a separate line on your estimate that has the included cost.

Granted, this will only be on some estimates that a homeowner gets since only some replace gutters when getting roofing services.

Building Permits And Protection Supplies

Some roofers don’t include this information in their estimate, as it may be included in their overall costs. However, you need to check whether that will be the case with your roof.

Ask about the permits and what supplies they may be getting to protect your property when the roof is being replaced or repaired.

Hidden Costs

On your initial estimate, there may be a line that is included that may be labeled as extra costs or emergency costs. These costs may be associated with problems the roofer expects to come up against.

For example, some roofers can immediately tell upon standing on a roof that the decking is rotting and will need to be replaced. Thus, they include the cost of the service in the estimate.

Other roofers may allow for a few extra issues in their cost so that you are prepared for what may happen. Finding issues once the roof repair or replacement is underway is quite common, as some roofs have hidden damage that is only seen once the work has started.

Is A Roof Service And Repairs Estimate Concrete?

The estimate you receive is a projection of cost. A thorough estimate that includes costs that may happen if a surprise is found could mean the expense of your roofing service is less than you were estimated when it’s all said and done.

However, since estimates are just projections, the price you see is still being determined.

Should You Have To Pay For An Estimate
For Your Roofing Services And Repairs

Getting an estimate from a roofer is not something that you should pay for. If you have a roofer that will only give you an estimate if you pay a few hundred dollars – run the other way!

This shady business practice could set you up for an even more significant issue later if you were to work with the roofer.

Get Your Free Roofing Services And
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