How to Document Roof Damage & Get Insurance to Pay For Your New Roof

A roof is an essential component of a home, and it needs immediate attention if it gets damaged. But filing a claim with an insurance provider is a stressful experience. There are usually many steps involved, and it can be challenging to keep up with the necessary documentation.

However, a roofing contractor can help you work with an insurance provider to ensure that your claim gets approved. Let’s go over the steps to document roof damage and get insurance to pay for repairs.

Document Roof Damage

An insurance provider will need proof that the roof damage exists and what caused it. As part of an insurance claim, it’s best to submit photos of the damage. Homeowners filing a claim will want to take pictures of the exterior damage as well as any interior damage. If a tree branch falls on the roof, don’t forget to take photos to show the affected area.

A homeowner may want to consider hiring a roofing contractor to conduct a roof inspection. A contractor can help take photos of the damage and provide the necessary paperwork to file with an insurance provider. This step is especially important for storm damages since the damage isn’t always immediately visible. A roofing contractor is trained to notice flaws and can properly document them.

Homeowners will also want to document when the damage occurred. If a storm causes damage, make a note of the bad weather.

Contact Insurance Company

Each insurance carrier has different policies on what they need to approve a claim. Homeowners should contact their insurance company to explain the damages. The carrier will then ask a few questions, assign a claim number to your case, and typically will assign a claims adjuster within a few days. The claims adjuster will set the price on how much it costs to repair or replace a roof.

This step is crucial to learn about the claims process, submit documentation, and complete other paperwork required by the provider. Homeowners should stay in touch with their insurance provider throughout the claims process to ensure the necessary documents are provided.

Get a Trusted Roofing Contractor

An insurance provider may send a claims adjuster to evaluate the property damage and make a cost estimate for repairs. If you haven’t already contacted a roofing contractor, it’s time to get in touch with one. A roofing contractor is on your side and can ensure the insurance accurately documents roof damages.

It’s best practice to have a contractor meet the adjuster on site, inspect damages together, and have them write the claim with estimating software. After the claim is written, a contractor can review the Scope of Loss. If anything is missing, the contractor can contact the adjuster to explain missed damages and repairs needed to restore the property’s roof.

Beware of Insurance Scams

When hiring a roofing contractor or getting an estimate, homeowners should be aware of insurance scams. After a storm, there is often an increase in fraudulent contractors looking to take advantage of owners of damaged property. They may ask for a large deposit upfront, then either never complete the repairs or offer shoddy workmanship.

Before signing a contract, homeowners should research a roofing company to ensure their legitimacy. There are several questions a homeowner should ask before hiring a roofing contractor. While a homeowner will want to make repairs immediately, it’s essential to stop and validate the contractor before hiring them.

Begin Repairs

Once a claim is submitted, the insurance provider will evaluate it. Sometimes an insurance provider denies a claim, but homeowners usually have the chance to repeal and provide further evidence of damage.

If an insurance claim is approved, repairs can begin. Usually, the insurance provider will work with the roofing contractor to ensure repairs are completed and release the necessary funds. However, a homeowner should always confirm the process with their provider.

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