How Our Amish Roots Impact Your Roof Replacement

You’ll See Our Amish Roots On Full Display
During Your Roof Replacement Project

Driven By Core Values And Hard Work – We
Deliver For Lancaster County Homeowners

At BEST Contracting, we believe in hard work, honesty, and a commitment to the best service possible.

It’s all rooted in who we are deep down to our core.

You see, like many within our local Lancaster County community, we come from the Amish community. All three of our co-owners grew up Amish.

And, as you may know, the Amish believe strongly in putting in the hours and doing things the RIGHT way – no cut corners, no shortcuts.

That’s the mentality we bring to every single one of our roofing and siding projects – pure work ethic and honesty.

We’re Driven By Strong, Customer-First Core Values

You need to look no further than our very own core values to see how our Amish roots influence our company and impact your project. Our core values include trust, teamwork, respect, and loyalty – all of which are values that we’ve learned at a very young age.

These values drive us daily to perform the best SERVICE possible. Sure, this includes a pristine roof or siding installation that will last for years. But it also includes your overall experience.

That is to say, we treat you well. We’re honest from start to finish.

On the very rare occasion that our team makes a mistake, they own it 100% and ensure it’s made right. There’s no finger-pointing. No, “he said, she said.”

Instead, you get honesty and accountability. And, ultimately, you get results you’ll love.

Hard Work + Honesty = A Roof You’re Going To Love

Our #1 (not so) secret ingredient? Good, old-fashioned hard work. It dates back to our days when our owners worked on the farm from sunrise to sunset. The work ethic they bring is shared among every single employee.

In a world where far fewer roof and siding contractors are willing to put in the work necessary to perform a job well done, we reset the standard.

We produce excellent results – beautiful roofing and home-siding projects that last.

We Genuinely Love Our Lancaster County Community

You’ll also notice our Amish roots with how involved we are within the community. We L-O-V-E the Lancaster County community we serve.

We donate a percentage of our revenue locally to various charities (i.e., Aaron’s Acres)

More than that, our team members are actively involved in churches throughout the area. Most importantly, we proudly install beautiful new roofs and siding for Lancaster County homeowners at prices they can afford.

All that to say, we don’t consider our customers to just be “customers.” They’re local neighbors and friends for life.

We Keep Our Prices Fair Without Compromising Quality

We put quality first. We always have – we always will.

When most contractors say they put “quality first,” it’s a prelude to an insanely high-priced quote.

With us, it’s not. We believe in both quality materials and craftsmanship AND fair prices. It’s rooted in our DNA, and never overcharging is part of our M.O. to always do what’s right.

Now, are we the cheapest? No, but we are far from the most expensive. Instead, we maximize your VALUE.

We let our financial guys and gals punch the numbers and ensure we’re driving profits. But beyond that, we’re solely focused on installing your roof pristinely.

Our Certifications Are Testament
To Our Values And Work Ethic

This is Lancaster County, so, of course, there are other Amish contractors out there who perform great work.

But here’s the fact – every single contractor says they work hard and ensure quality results. Why would they say the opposite?

However, very few have the proof that we do:

We’re HAAG-Certified Roof Inspectors. We’ve earned GAF Roofing’s top certification, the GAF Master Elite status. And we have a 4.9 Google review rating of close to 200 reviews.

More than that, if a mistake does occur, you KNOW you’re protected with our no loopholes warranty that ensures we fix any material or labor issues for decades.

Do you want a hard-working and honest roofing and siding installation crew in Lancaster County? If so, contact BEST Contracting today to get started.

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