How Do I Prepare for My Roof Replacement?

Replacing your roof can be a stressful experience. Typically, a roof replacement takes one day, but occasionally can take a few days depending on the complexity. If you choose experienced residential roofing contractors, they should prepare you for what to expect and make the roof replacement process as smooth as possible.

Let’s explain how homeowners should prepare for their home’s roof replacement.

How to prepare before your roof replacement

Preparing your home for a roof replacement makes the roof replacement process a lot easier for you and your contractors.

Here are some tips to consider before your roof replacement starts:

  • Protect belongings in the attic: During a roof replacement, small debris or dust can fall into the attic. If you store your belongings in the attic, you should either remove them or place tarps over your belongings to protect them from damage and dust.
  • Consider your kids and pets: There are often loud noises and commotion during a roof replacement. You may want to consider letting children and pets stay elsewhere if they can’t handle those conditions.
  • Prepare the yard: You will want to move your patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and other belongings inside or as far away from the roof as possible. You may also want to prune the trees for easier access to the roof and mow the lawn to make the clean-up easier.

You will also want to get a time estimate from your roofing contractors on how long the process will take. Prepare yourself for possible weather delays like heavy rain or extreme wind, but don’t let the weather deter you and delay your roof replacement. The best time to replace your roof is as soon as possible, especially if there are any water leaks or other signs of damage.

What happens during a roof replacement?

When the roofing team arrives, the process starts with tearing off the old roof. Debris is carefully removed from the roof to prevent causing damage. Then the new roof is installed along with flashing.

Once the installation is complete, the clean-up process begins. This is one of the more overwhelming aspects of a roof replacement. Normally, roofing contractors use your lawn or driveway to dispose of old shingles or nails. This can damage your landscaping and take a significant amount of time to clean up.

Best Contracting uses the “New Roof No Mess” system, which uses a raised container to manage debris during the roof replacement process. This means there is less mess to clean up and less chance of damage to your flower beds, trees, or other property features.

Start with a roof evaluation

If you notice signs that your roof is due for a replacement, contact Best Contracting to request a free quote. We’ll visit your property, review your project, and provide you with a quote.

We’ve replaced thousands of residential roofs in the Lancaster, PA area. We’re fully insured, hold several trusted roofing industry certifications, and provide a 10-year workmanship warranty. We take pride in offering high-quality services, and we will take care of your home like it’s our own house.

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